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photo of Alaskan Train Conductor Alaskan Train Conductor
A conductor stands beside the train in Alaska.
A uniformed conductor is standing beside a train in Alaska. Alaska Railroad train conductor
photo of Commerical Fishing Net Repair Alaska Commerical Fishing Net Repair Alaska
Marco Malich can repair or create commercial salmon fishing nets for fishermen fishing the waters of Alaska.
Alaska. Commercial fishing portrait. Marco Malich hangs a salmon fishing net for use in Alaska.
photo of Pollack Fish Loader Pollack Fish Loader
Nets of Pollack fish
Alaska. Commercial fishing boat workers unload dragger with a load of Pollock fish.
photo of Drilling Rock Drilling Rock
Highway Construction in Alaska
Alaska. Rock Drilling at Construction Site
photo of Steam Thawing Steam Thawing
Plumber works on freezing problem
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Man working on frozen pipes.
photo of Alaska Fishing Kids Alaska Fishing Kids
Commercial Fishing Kids
Alaska. Herring Bay. Commercial fishing portrait. Two brothers watch their mother and father work...
photo of Steel Worker Steel Worker
Construction Worker Places Beam
Alaska. Construction worker attaching steel beam.
photo of Linemen At Work Linemen At Work
Electrical workers up a pole
Alaska. Portage Valley. Chugach Electric line workers on utility pole with helicopter watching.
photo of Core Sample Core Sample
Worker looks for oil
Alaska. Technician examines a drilling core sample.
photo of Icy Conditions Icy Conditions
Crab Fishing in Icy Conditions
Alaska. Commercial fishing in winter. Crab boat prepares harvest its pots full of crab in icy...
photo of Pollack Fishing Net Pollack Fishing Net
Commercial Pollack Fishing
Alaska. Commercial fishing boat. Crew members opening a zipper in the net full of Pollock on the...
photo of Harvesting Crab Harvesting Crab
Crab harvesters on Rough Sea
Alaska. Faresa laulualo throws the line overboard as a pot is launched off the Bountiful...
photo of Woman Construction Worker Woman Construction Worker
Female Heavy Equipment Operator
Alaska. Minority Female operates a Compactor at Highway Construction Project. MR.
photo of Opilio Crab Processing Opilio Crab Processing
Workers on Crab Boat
Alaska. Bering Sea. Crab fisherman sort Opilio crab on the F/V Billikin. MR
photo of Fisherman Fisherman
Fishing Boat Captain
Washington. Commercial fishing portrait. Gerald Crosby , a salmon purse seine vessel skipper keeps...
photo of Forest Service Forest Service
US Forest Service Interpretive Tour
Alaska. Chugach National Forest Ranger, Jim Sumner, gives an interpretive talk to visitors on board...
photo of Placer Mine Placer Mine
Gold mining operation in Canada
Canada. Dawson City. Gold mining (placer mining).
photo of Women In Construction Women In Construction
African American woman operates heavy equipment
Alaska. Minority Woman worker on road construction project. MR.
photo of Kodiak Trawler Pollack Fishing Kodiak Trawler Pollack Fishing
Pollack Trawler
Alaska. Kodiak. Commercial fishing crew member on the Dawn Trawler sews up the zippers of a net...
photo of Storm Conditions In Bering Storm Conditions In Bering
Bering Sea and Winter Weather
Alaska. Commercial fishing in winter. Crab Fishermen emptying a pot in stormy conditions.
photo of Concrete Workers Concrete Workers
Silhouette of Construction Site
Alaska. Cement pour late in construction season.
photo of New Home Construction New Home Construction
Building Boom
Novastock. Construction. Building the frame to a new home. house, wood, economy, build
photo of Crab Fishing Crab Fishing
Dangerous work on a commercial crab boat
Alaska. Crew members bring a pot of crab on board the Pacific Wind catcher-processor.
photo of Kid Learns The Ropes Kid Learns The Ropes
Child on Fishing Boat
Alaska. Stephans Passage, Alexander Archipelago near Admiralty Island. A young crew member child...
photo of Man At Pipeline Man At Pipeline
Starting place of the Trans Alaska Pipeline
Alaska. The Trans-Alaska pipeline exits Pump Station 1 at Prudhoe Bay on its 800 mile journey to...
photo of Steel Worker Steel Worker
Jobs in Alaska
Alaska. Steelworkers construct the frame for a highrise building in Anchorage.
photo of Gardener On Phone Gardener On Phone
Woman on phone while gardening
Novastock. Taking a break on a summers day to talk to a friend on the phone. Relax in the garden....
photo of Billikin Crab Fishing Vessel Billikin Crab Fishing Vessel
Billikin Crabbing Boat
Alaska. Commercial fishing. Deck crew members bring a crab pot on board the Billikin catcher boat...
photo of At Work On Crab Boat At Work On Crab Boat
Deck Hand on Crab Fishing Boat
Alaska. Bering Sea. Deckhands scamper across icy crab pots in winter storm during the Opelio crab...
photo of Huge Back Hoe Huge Back Hoe
Back Hoe Operator
Alaska. Bucket of a large Hitachi excavator working on a construction site.
photo of Sparks Sparks
Metal worker makes sparks fly
Alaska. Grinding hardware in a machine shop with sparks flying.
photo of Crab Boat Captain Crab Boat Captain
Exhausted Commercial Crab Fishing Boat Captain
Alaska. Bering Sea. Commercial fishing boat captain Jeff Weeks watches a crab pot come on board...
photo of Dead Oil Bird Dead Oil Bird
Dead Oil Birds collected in the Kenai Fjords
Alaska. Kenai Fjords. A slow horrible death for these animals who perished following the tragic...
photo of Bering Sea Opilio Crab Bering Sea Opilio Crab
Crab Fishing in Bering Sea
Alaska. Commercial fishing. Bering Sea. Fisherman endure rough seas and cold weather during opilio...
photo of Oil Spill In Valdez Oil Spill In Valdez
Man holds body of dead sea bird on oil covered beach
Alaska. Man Worker pick up a carcass of a dead oiled bird in wake of Exxon Valdez oil spill in...
photo of Oil Field Surveyor Oil Field Surveyor
Cold weather survey crew worker in Alaska
Alaska. Badami oil development project. Apporx 35 miles west of ANWR. Surveyor Badami Pipeline to...
photo of Kenai Fjords Loon Kenai Fjords Loon
Oil Covered Loon in the Kenai Fjords
Alaska. Kenai Fjords. A slow horrible death for this loon.
photo of Saving Oily Bird Saving Oily Bird
Volunteers wash an oiled sea bird
Alaska. Valdez. Water-pik, dishpan, and volunteers try to save the oil coated birds following the...
photo of Man Working At Gold Mine Man Working At Gold Mine
Commercial gold mining operation
Canada. Dawson City. Gold mining at the Troberg Mine.
photo of Road To Red Dog Road To Red Dog
Road across the desolate tundra
Alaska. Kotzebue. Red Dog Mine. Lead and zinc ore is hauled on this road between the mine and port.
photo of Iron Workers Iron Workers
Construction workers in tunnel
Alaska. Iron workers construct a tunnel on a sewer line.
photo of Welder Welder
Close up of welder at work
Alaska. Applying a masterful touch to a welding project.

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