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photo of Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show
Four Alaskan lumberjacks stand in front of the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show display.
The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show displays the history of the Alaskan lumberjack. Four lumberjacks...
photo of Historic Creek Street District Ketchikan Historic Creek Street District Ketchikan
A walking tour shows the historic Creek Street District is built over the water.
The historic Creek Street district in Ketchikan is built over the water.


photo of Christmas Wreath On Fence Christmas Wreath On Fence
A Christmas wreath with pine cones and a red bow hang on a fence post.
A snowy scene shows a Christmas wreath hanging on a fence post. The wreath is decorated with pine...
photo of Saxman Totem Park Alaska Saxman Totem Park Alaska

Alaska. Saxman Totem Park/
photo of Picture Of A Totem Pole Haines Picture Of A Totem Pole Haines
Traditional Alaskan Native Artifact
Alaska. Haines. Tlingit totem.
photo of Bird Icon Bird Icon
Carved figure of a bird on totem pole
Alaska. Saxman. Saxman Totem Park.
photo of Path Less Travelled Path Less Travelled
Deserted path
Washington. Skagit County. Autumn pathway, trail leading to solitude.
photo of Thunderbird Totem Thunderbird Totem
Canadian Native art
Canada. British Columbia. Vancouver. Stanley Park. Brockton Point. Kwakiutl. Thunderbird atop pole.
photo of Rustic Fence Rustic Fence
Rustic and Mossy Fence Posts
Washington. Skagit County. Old weathered fence in autumn surrounded by crimson maple leaves.
photo of Twisted Wood Twisted Wood
Weathered convoluted old drifttwood
Washington. Olympic National Park. Weathered wood design.
photo of Tug Pulls Lumber Tug Pulls Lumber
Boat with raft of harvested timber
Washington. Deception Pass, Puget Sound. Tugboat towing logging boom.
photo of Man Chopping Wood Man Chopping Wood
Chopping Wood In Winter
Alaska. Richardson Highway. Car camping at Worthington glacier in spring. Philip Peterson (MR) and...
photo of Native Carving Native Carving
Saxman Totem Carving
Alaska. Southeast. Native Alaskan totem pole.
photo of Mythical Creatures Mythical Creatures
Mythical Carvings Adorn Totem Carving
Alaska. Ketchikan. Tlingit Chief Johnson totem pole.
photo of Wrangell Totem Pole Wrangell Totem Pole
Figurative design in wood
Alaska. Southeast. Wrangell, Shakes Island. Detail of Sun Totem.
photo of New Home Construction New Home Construction
Building Boom
Novastock. Construction. Building the frame to a new home. house, wood, economy, build
photo of Ninstints Ninstints
Haida Gwaii Totems
Canada, B.C. Queen Charlotte Is (Haida Gwaii) Ninstints Totems. World Heritage Site.
photo of Figurative Totem Carving Figurative Totem Carving
Symbolic Carvings by native Alaskan
Alaska. Totems, symbolizing power and prestige, were erected in memory of dead chiefs.
photo of Totem Bight Totem Bight
Child exploring native clan house on her Alaska vacation
Alaska, Ketchikan, Totem Bight State Park Historic Site. Visitor inside door way of Tingit native...
photo of Carved Alaska Totem Carved Alaska Totem
Fall color frames a totem
Alaska. Fairbanks Museum. Totem surrounded by autumn leaves.
photo of Kluane National Park Kluane National Park
Kluane Lake with driftwood
Canada. Yukon. Kluane NP. Kluane Lake along Alaska Highway.
photo of Carved Warrior Carved Warrior
Historic figure captured in traditional art
Alaska, Ketchikan, Totem Bight State Park Historic Site. Tlingit native carved totem pole
photo of Wrangell Shakes Island Wrangell Shakes Island
Shakes Tribal House
Alaska. Southeast. Wrangell. Shakes Island. View of front of Shakes Tribal House.
photo of Chief Johnson Totem Chief Johnson Totem
Two Fish Captured in a traditional totem pole
Alaska. Ketchikan. Detail of a fish on Chief Johnson totem (Kadjuk pole-based on a fabled bird).
photo of Food Cache Food Cache
Traditional Alaskan food storage structure
Alaska. A traditional log cabin structure on poles used as a winter food cache.
photo of Beaver Chewing Beaver Chewing
Beaver Chewing on a Stick
Alaska. Beaver (Castor canadensis), feeding in autumn.
photo of Log Cabin Barn Log Cabin Barn
log cabin barn winter
Alaska. Fairbanks. Winter barn at minus 20 F. PR
photo of Food Cache On Poles Food Cache On Poles
traditional food cache
Canada. A traditional log cabin structure on poles used as a winter food cache.
photo of Food Cache Winter Food Cache Winter
traditional food cache in winter
Alaska. A winter log food cache.
photo of Food Cache Antlers Food Cache Antlers
moose cache
Alaska. Fairbanks. A food cache adorned with a bull moose rack.
photo of Food Cache Wiseman Food Cache Wiseman
Historic Gold Rush Town Food Cache
Alaska. Brooks Range. Wiseman. A food cache at the historic goldrush town.
photo of Wiseman Cabin Wiseman Cabin
Wiseman Cabin in Gold Rush Town
Alaska. Brooks Range. Wiseman. An old historic wood cabin with food cache.
photo of Gnawed Tree Gnawed Tree
Chickaloon Beaver tree
Alaska. Chickaloon. Beaver (Castor canadensis) marks in tree viewed from Glenn Highway.
photo of Beaver Gnaw Beaver Gnaw
Gnawed Tree in Chickaloon
Alaska. Chickaloon. Beaver (Castor canadensis) marks in tree viewed from Glenn Highway.

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