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photo of Whale Butchering Eskimo Village Barrow Alaska Whale Butchering Eskimo Village Barrow Alaska
Men from the Eskimo village of Barrow, Alaska, spend their days on the icy shores butchering a Bowhead whale.
Most people find that butchering a whale is an unnecessary act of violence, but the Eskimo...
photo of Humpback Whale Skin Barnacles Humpback Whale Skin Barnacles
Details of the skin of a Humpback Whale with patches of barnacles, seen in Frederick Sound.
USA, Alaska, Tongass National Forest, Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaengliae) in Frederick Sound on...
photo of Antarctic Humpback Whale Picture Antarctic Humpback Whale Picture
A dream travel destination is the Antarctic where visitors can see wildlife including whales such as the humpback whale, penguins, and much more.
MRA Visitors to the Antarctic Peninsula are treated to close-up views of a female humpback whale...

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