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photo of Working Diver Working Diver
Deep Sea Diver with Grinder
Alaska. Commercial Diver using a grinder underwater MR.
photo of Commercial Diver Working Commercial Diver Working
Welding Underwater
Alaska. Deep Sea Diver underwater welding. MR.
photo of Underwater Welder Underwater Welder
Deep Sea Diver at Work
Alaska. Diver underwater welding. MR.
photo of Sparks Sparks
Metal worker makes sparks fly
Alaska. Grinding hardware in a machine shop with sparks flying.
photo of Welder Welder
Close up of welder at work
Alaska. Applying a masterful touch to a welding project.
photo of Grinding Pipe Grinding Pipe
Pipe fitter grinding metal
Alaska. Using a grinder on steel throwing sparks.
photo of Working In Cold Weather Working In Cold Weather
Person at work in frigid weather
Alaska. A welder checks his equipment in the bitter cold of Alaska.
photo of Iron Workers Iron Workers
Iron workers construct tunnel
Alaska. Iron workers construct a tunnel on a sewer line.
photo of Metal Worker Metal Worker
Sparks fly as worker cuts steel
Alaska. Prudhoe Bay. Pipe fitter wears protective equipment while cutting pipe.

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