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photo of Bush Planes Alaska Bush Planes Alaska
The robust bush planes are used to transport people onto the Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Alaska. Denali National Park. Planes on Ruth Glacier in front of Mt Dickey (9,545').
photo of Cars In A Flood Cars In A Flood
Vehicles and parking lot during flood
Novastock. Disaster. Flood waters destroy automobiles. pollution, sinking, muddy,
photo of Speeding Truck Speeding Truck
Fast Moving truck on Road
Alaska. Blurred wide load vehicle.
photo of Alaska Trucking Alaska Trucking
Trucking Through Beautful Scenery
Alaska. Truck hauling across a highway in Fall
photo of Boats And Volcano Boats And Volcano
Fishing boats at mouth of Kenai River
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Kenai. Commercial fishing fleet at anchor at sunset. Kenai River mouth....
photo of Glacier Viewing By Camper Glacier Viewing By Camper
Camping Vacation in Alaska
Truck Camper and man at Salmon Glacier Summit. Alaska / British Columbia. MR/PR
photo of Trucker At Sunset Trucker At Sunset
Safe Trucking
Alaska. Truck driver adjusting rear-view miror on truck with sunset sky in the background.
photo of AlCan Highway AlCan Highway
Alaska Highway through Canada
Canada. British Columbia. Highway and mountain peaks.
photo of Lonely Journey Lonely Journey
The Road Less Travelled
Canada. Northwest Territory. Truck on Dempster Highway near Fort Mcpherson.
photo of Seattle Waterfront And Ferry Terminal Seattle Waterfront And Ferry Terminal
Waterfront with ferry terminal
Washington. Seattle. Waterfront and ferry terminal with Olympic Mts and boats on Elliott Bay.
photo of Mayor Mystrom Mayor Mystrom
Former Anchorage mayor in vintage car parade
Alaska. The Fur Rondy parade.
photo of Killik Tundra Train Killik Tundra Train
Cat train moving supplies across tundra
Alaska. Killik. Cat train on the North Slope.
photo of Bus On Parks Highway Bus On Parks Highway
Parks Highway and Holland Westours bus
Alaska. Holland America Line Westours, Inc. bus travels the highways of Alaska.
photo of Pipeline Visitors Pipeline Visitors
Holland America Pipeline Visitors
Alaska. Holland America Line Westours, Inc. bus travels the highways of Alaska.
photo of Dalton Highway Dalton Highway
Traveler on Dalton Highway
Alaska. The 414 mile Dalton Highway leads to Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay.
photo of Dalton Highway Truck Sunset Dalton Highway Truck Sunset
Visitor travels Dalton Highway sunset
Alaska. Driving along the Dalton Highway, sunset.
photo of Dirty Car Window Dirty Car Window
dirty car window Dalton Hwy
Alaska. Mud covers the back window of car on the 414 mile Dalton Highway that leads to Deadhorse...
photo of Deserted Dempster Highway Deserted Dempster Highway
nobody on Dempster Highway
Canada. Northwest Territory. Traveling Dempster Highway, near Fort McPherson heading north, mid...
photo of Car Bridge Sunset Car Bridge Sunset
Car on bridge Parks Highway winter sunset
Alaska. Car crossing bridge along George Parks highway at sunset.
photo of Traffic On Freeway Traffic On Freeway
brake lights on Freeway
Colorado. Traffic patterns in early morning traffic.
photo of Truck Carrying Canoe Truck Carrying Canoe
Vacationers in truck with canoe on Dempster hwy
Canada. Northwest Territory. Truck on Dempster Highway near Fort Mcpherson.
photo of Vehicle On Dempster Highway Vehicle On Dempster Highway
traveler on Dempster Highway
Alaska. Dempster Highway leads north to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay oil fields.
photo of RV Sunset Parks Highway RV Sunset Parks Highway
RV travels at sunset Parks Highway
Alaska. An RV traveling along the George Parks highway, sunset.
photo of Car Crossing Nenana Bridge Car Crossing Nenana Bridge
car on Nenana bridge
Alaska. Nenana. Nenana River Bridge along George Parks highway, sunset.
photo of Pepsi Truck Pepsi Truck
Pepsi Truck and Mountain
Colorado. Trucks on the go on US Highway 550.
photo of Loony Chicks Loony Chicks
Common Loon with chicks on Back
Alaska. Common Loon (Gavia immer) with young on back swimming through water.
photo of Podiceps Grisegena Podiceps Grisegena
Red-necked Grebe
Alaska. Red-necked grebe with baby riding on back.
photo of Chick On Loon Chick On Loon
Loon Family with Chick on Back
Alaska. Common Loon (Gavia immer) with young on back.

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