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photo of Native Elders Carving Native Elders Carving

Alaska. Barrow elders sharpening the knives for harvesting the first bowhead whale (Balaena...
photo of Alutiq Native Alutiq Native
Alutiq Native, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage, Alaska,
USA, Alaska, Anchorage, Alutiiq native in traditional costume posing at the Alaska Native Heritage...
photo of Performing Chukchi Dancers Performing Chukchi Dancers
During the summer in the Lorino and Yanrakino Villages, the Chukchi dancers perform in their traditional costumes.
Part of their tradition, the Chukchi dancers perform during the summer in the Lorino and Yanrakino...
photo of Saxman Totem Park Alaska Saxman Totem Park Alaska

Alaska. Saxman Totem Park/
photo of Native Women In Parka Native Women In Parka

Alaska, Fairbanks. native women teach traditional crafts
photo of Chukcki Woman Elder Chukcki Woman Elder
A mature Russian Woman, a Chukcki elder in traditional atire in Lorino Village.
Russia. Chukotski Peninsula, Lorino Village, Chukchi woman in traditional dress.
photo of Picture Of A Totem Pole Haines Picture Of A Totem Pole Haines
Traditional Alaskan Native Artifact
Alaska. Haines. Tlingit totem.
photo of Bird Icon Bird Icon
Carved figure of a bird on totem pole
Alaska. Saxman. Saxman Totem Park.
photo of Kissing Totem Kissing Totem
Carved face with pursed lips
Canada. British Columbia. Duncan. Detail of Killer Whale face by Cowichan Valley.
photo of Subsistence In Alaska Subsistence In Alaska
Salmon strips dry in the sun
Alaska. Seward Peninsula. Teller, drying Salmon.
photo of Thunderbird Totem Thunderbird Totem
Canadian Native art
Canada. British Columbia. Vancouver. Stanley Park. Brockton Point. Kwakiutl. Thunderbird atop pole.
photo of Elaborate Totem Pole Elaborate Totem Pole
Saxman Totem
Alaska. Southeast, Ketchikan, Saxman Native Village Totem Pole Park. Carvings of Tlingit myths and...
photo of Chukchi Native Elder Chukchi Native Elder
Smiling Siberian Native Musician
Russia. Chukotski Peninsula, Yanrakino Village, Reindeer herder and Siberian sled dog.
photo of Igloo In Barrow Igloo In Barrow
Barrow Holiday Igloo
Alaska. Barrow. Igloo and whale bones adorned with christmas lights.
photo of Salmon Food Salmon Food
Salmon strips drying on racks
Alaska. Drying salmon in a village.
photo of Barrow Christmas Barrow Christmas
Whale Bones and Umiak Frames Decorated for Xmas
Alaska. Barrow. Christmas lights adorn whale bones.
photo of Orca Totem With Snow Orca Totem With Snow
Snow Orca Whale Totem carving
Alaska. Haines. The Killer Whale town totem at the town office building.
photo of Walrus Skin Trampoline Walrus Skin Trampoline
Three Dozen People Toss Woman in Air
Alaska. Kotzebue. Woman toassed in the air during the Inuit Blanket toss. MR. Inuit Blanket Toss...
photo of Charlie Brown Christmas Charlie Brown Christmas
Christmas Tree
Alaska. Christmas lights on a spruce.
photo of Russian Men Russian Men
Two Traditional men in Russia
Russia. Chukotski Peninsula, Yanrakino Village, Chukchi reindeer herders.
photo of Visiting Totem Bight Visiting Totem Bight
Alaskan Totems
Alaska. Ketchikan. Totem Bight State Historic park. Visitors looking at Totems.
photo of Sunset On Barrow Beach Sunset On Barrow Beach
Barrow Beach with Bowhead Bones and Boat
Alaska. Barrow. Bowhead whale ribs and frames of Umiaks.
photo of Native Carving Native Carving
Saxman Totem Carving
Alaska. Southeast. Native Alaskan totem pole.
photo of Alaska Gymnastics Alaska Gymnastics
Alaska Youth Gymnastics
Alaska. Matanuska Valley. State Fair. The gymnastics of young Alaskans.
photo of Cape Fox Totems Cape Fox Totems
Cape Fox in Ketchikan
Alaska. Ketchikan. Native totems atop Cape Fox hill enshrine myths and legends.
photo of Mythical Creatures Mythical Creatures
Mythical Carvings Adorn Totem Carving
Alaska. Ketchikan. Tlingit Chief Johnson totem pole.
photo of Tlingit Carvings Tlingit Carvings
Alaskan art
Alaska. Southeast, Ketchikan, Saxman Native Village Totem Pole Park. Totem poles, silent...
photo of Wrangell Totem Pole Wrangell Totem Pole
Figurative design in wood
Alaska. Southeast. Wrangell, Shakes Island. Detail of Sun Totem.
photo of Future Walrus Hunters Future Walrus Hunters
Native Boys Rowing Walrus Skin Boat
Russia. Chukotsky Peninsula, Lorino Village, Chukchi boys playing in a boat.
photo of Ninstints Ninstints
Haida Gwaii Totems
Canada, B.C. Queen Charlotte Is (Haida Gwaii) Ninstints Totems. World Heritage Site.
photo of Eskmo Christmas Eskmo Christmas
Igloo with Holiday Lights
Alaska. Barrow. An igloo and christmas lights adorn whale bones.
photo of Ivory Carving Of Eskimo Hunter Ivory Carving Of Eskimo Hunter
Ivory carving of Eskimo hunter in kayak
Alaska. Walrus ivory carving depicting Eskimo hunter with a seal.
photo of Figurative Totem Carving Figurative Totem Carving
Symbolic Carvings by native Alaskan
Alaska. Totems, symbolizing power and prestige, were erected in memory of dead chiefs.
photo of Totem Bight Totem Bight
Child exploring native clan house on her Alaska vacation
Alaska, Ketchikan, Totem Bight State Park Historic Site. Visitor inside door way of Tingit native...
photo of Carved Alaska Totem Carved Alaska Totem
Fall color frames a totem
Alaska. Fairbanks Museum. Totem surrounded by autumn leaves.
photo of Future Whale Hunters Future Whale Hunters
Chukchi Boys on a Journey
Russia. Chukotski Peninsula, Lorino Village, Chukchi boys playing in a walrusl skin boat.
photo of Alaska Native Food Alaska Native Food
Traditional method of preparing food for winter
Alaska. Aleut tribe tradition of drying the salmon harvest.
photo of Alaska Inupiat Eskimo On Snow Machine Alaska Inupiat Eskimo On Snow Machine
Inupiat Eskimo whaler on snow machine
Alaska. Barrow. Arctic Ocean. Inupiat Eskimo whaler on snow machine.
photo of Shakes Island Totems Shakes Island Totems
Totems in Southeast Wrangell
Alaska. Southeast. Wrangell. Shakes Island. Double whale crest hat totem, Tlingit native culture....
photo of Carved Warrior Carved Warrior
Historic figure captured in traditional art
Alaska, Ketchikan, Totem Bight State Park Historic Site. Tlingit native carved totem pole
photo of Stretching Skins Stretching Skins
Traditional method of Preparing Skins
Alaska, Bering Strait, Little Diomede, walrus skins drying.
photo of Eskimo Drummer Eskimo Drummer
Eskimo drummer perform Yupik native music
Alaska. Inupiaq Eskimo drummers from Wainwright pound and chant in the old rhythms.

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