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photo of Aleutian Island Flora Aleutian Island Flora
Rhododendron camschaticum
Alaska. Alaska Peninsula. Aleutian Islands. Rhododendron (C. camtschaticum) in the alpine meadows...
photo of Heracleum Lanatum Heracleum Lanatum
A much maligned plant
Washington. Skagit County, Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum).
photo of Nootka Lupin Nootka Lupin
Lupinus nootkatensis
Alaska. Nootka Lupin (Lupinus nootkatensis).
photo of Wild Rose Wild Rose
Blooming Wild Rose
Canada. British Columbia, BC. Rose, wild
photo of Eritrichium Aretides Eritrichium Aretides
Arctic Forget-Me-Not
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Arctic Forget-Me-Not (Eritrichium aretides)
photo of Salix Arctica Salix Arctica
Arctic willow (Salix arctica)
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Arctic willow (Salix arctica)
photo of Dew Covered Lupine Dew Covered Lupine
Lupine encased in morning dew
Alaska. Nootka Lupin (Lupinus nootkatensis).
photo of Primula Tschuktschorum Arcita Primula Tschuktschorum Arcita
Chukchi Primrose
Alaska. Aleutians and Kodiak Island. Primula tschuktschorum arcita.
photo of Mountain Avens Mountain Avens
Eight-petaled avens
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala)
photo of Chukchi Primrose Chukchi Primrose
Primula tschuktschorum arcita
Alaska. Aleutians and Kodiak Island.Primula tschuktschorum arcita.
photo of Rhododendron Camschaticum Rhododendron Camschaticum
Aleutian Islands Flora
Alaska. Alaska Peninsula. Aleutian Islands.Rhododendron (C. camtschaticum) in the alpine meadows of...
photo of H2O H2O
Blades of Grass with Water
Alaska Peninsula. Becharof NWR. Rain on grasses.
photo of Dodecatheon Frigidum Dodecatheon Frigidum
Photo of the magenta blooms of a shooting star wild flower
Alaska. Eklutna. Frigid Shooting Star (Dodecatheon frigidum).
photo of Fritllaria Camschatcensis Fritllaria Camschatcensis
Smelly lillies
Alaska. Eklutna. Chocolate Lily (Fritllaria camschatcensis)
photo of Silene Acaulis Silene Acaulis
Photo of Delicate meadow wildflower up close
Alaska. Moss campion (Silene acaulis).
photo of Luetkea Pectinata Luetkea Pectinata
Feathery leaves on an American wild flower
Washington. Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest . Partridge foot (Luetkea pectinata).
photo of Fritillaria Camschatcensis Fritillaria Camschatcensis
Chocolate Lily
Alaska. Eklutna. Chocolate lily (Fritillaria camschatcensis).

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