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photo of Corporate Business Phone Call Corporate Business Phone Call
Woman takes a business phone call while walking with other corporate members.
Novastock. Making a call on her cell phone. Woman, corporate, business,
photo of Payphone In Hope Alaska Payphone In Hope Alaska
Young Boy using a payphone in the town of Hope, Alaska.
Alaska. Four year old Alex Graham at a pay phone. MR.
photo of Key Pad Key Pad
Telephone numbers
Novastock. The keypad to technology. The cordless telephone. phone, talk,
photo of Linemen At Work Linemen At Work
Electrical workers up a pole
Alaska. Portage Valley. Chugach Electric line workers on utility pole with helicopter watching.
photo of Children On Phone Children On Phone
Children at Payphone
Alaska. Four year old twins, Marina and Alex Graham, at a pay phone. MR.
photo of Phone Call Phone Call
On the telephone
Novastock. Technology . Speaking on the telephone in the wireless age. woman, phone, friendship,...
photo of Young Woman On Cell Young Woman On Cell
Professional Woman Multi Tasking
Novastock. Young business woman checking up on the world via laptop computer and cell phone....
photo of Gardener On Phone Gardener On Phone
Woman on phone while gardening
Novastock. Taking a break on a summers day to talk to a friend on the phone. Relax in the garden....
photo of Asian Businessman Asian Businessman
Young Asian Businessman on the phone
Novastock. Asian business man making a phone call via cellular phone after getting message on his...
photo of Satellite Dishes Satellite Dishes
Global telecommunication
Alaska. Alascom's telecommunication center, near Talkeetna, transmits phone calls around the world.
photo of Prudhoe Bay Sateliite Prudhoe Bay Sateliite
North Slope communication tower
Alaska. Communications tower at Prudhoe Bay on Alaska's north slope connects with the rest of the...
photo of Alascom Telecommunication Alascom Telecommunication
Satellite dishes collect information in Alaska
Alaska. Alascom's telecommunication center, near Talkeetna, transmits phone calls around the world.
photo of Telephone Wires Telephone Wires
Electric wires and poles
Alaska. Telephone poles communication across the sky.
photo of Telephone Aparatus Telephone Aparatus
Communication equipment
Alaska. Swanson River. Telephone insulators.

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