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photo of Aerial View Of Turnagain Arm Aerial View Of Turnagain Arm
Chugach Mountains in Winter
Alaska. Aerial View of Turnagain Arm with Bird Point on the right side in middle of frame.
photo of Getting Engaged Getting Engaged
Engagement Ring and hands
Novastock. Love and romance can be identified placing a ring on a woman's finger. marriage,...
photo of Forever Blowing Bubbles Forever Blowing Bubbles
Childhood past time
Novastock. Blowing bubbles into the summer air. A young child enjoying the summer. free, fun, girl,
photo of Family Time Family Time
Quality family time
Novastock. A young family enjoys the outdoors together. father, mother, son, summer, fun, happy,
photo of Informed Grandparent Informed Grandparent
Senior Stays Current
Novastock. Elderly woman keeping up on current issues of health and politics.
photo of African American Mom African American Mom
Family Computer Time
Novastock. A famiy moment to learn and teach each other. computer, technology, education, mother,...
photo of Ketchikan Cruise Ketchikan Cruise
Cruising in Ketchikan
Alaska. Ketchikan. Downtown with cruise ship docked
photo of Ship Loading Coal Ship Loading Coal
Coal from Healy loaded onto ship bound for Korea
Alaska. Seward. Coal ship at Suneel Dock. Winter sunrise.
photo of Mud Slide Mud Slide
Rock slide scars mountain
Alaska. The marks left behind after an avalanche scars a mountain side.
photo of Key Pad Key Pad
Telephone numbers
Novastock. The keypad to technology. The cordless telephone. phone, talk,
photo of Loving Couple Loving Couple
Two people in love
Novastock. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet love, relationships, togetherness. Couple...
photo of Brother And Sister Brother And Sister
Young Siblings
Novastock. A group of friends together. Child, children, boy, girl, family, kids, summer, fun
photo of Bundle Of Love Bundle Of Love
First time parent
Novastock. The joy of a father's love in a family moment. baby, infant, father, child, newborn,...
photo of Computer Homework Computer Homework
Siblings using Computer
Novastock. Technology. Learning together the ways of the technological world is a family adventure....
photo of Pay Day Pay Day
Money exchanging hands
Novastock. The exchange of money in today's business market. finance, bills, payment, corporate
photo of Women In Agreement Women In Agreement
Woman make a deal
Novastock. Asian and African American young business women give a handshake as a sign of agreement...
photo of Kachemak Bay And Homer Spit Kachemak Bay And Homer Spit
Wildflowers and Homer
Alaska. Homer. Yellow Paintbrush and Lupine Kachemak Bay and the Homer Spit beyond.
photo of Pink Anemone Pink Anemone
Pink Anemone with Tentacles
Crimson sea anemone (metridium senile) with shrimp (cribrinopsis fernaldi) SE Alaska
photo of Offshore Explosion Offshore Explosion
Water rises in ocean explosion
Alaska. Underwater explosion sequence.
photo of Aialik Bay Aialik Bay
Aialik Peninsula
Alaska. Aialik Peninsula frame Aialik Bay with Harris Peninsula beyond. Kenai Fjords National Park....
photo of Moody Mountains Moody Mountains
Chugach Mountains in the evening
Alaska. Winter. Resurrection Bay in winter storms.
photo of Sunday Drive Sunday Drive
The Open Road
Novastock. Freedom of the road. Independence and relaxation on the highway with a friend. Drop the...
photo of Concentration Concentration
Kid Chess player
Novastock. Child boy playing chess. Concentration and thought can lead to victory in the strategic...
photo of Boyhood Boyhood
Boy with plane
Novastock. Preparing to soar into the sky. A young boy plays with his styrofoam airplane, summer,...
photo of Web Woman Web Woman
Woman thinking about the Internet
Novastock. The effect of the internet on people's minds. Technology. www., humorous, woman,
photo of Lady Doctor Lady Doctor
Female Nurse with Stethoscope
Novastock. Nurse holding up the tools of her trade, the stethoscope and a smile. health, insurance,...
photo of Burning Oil Burning Oil
Desert on Fire
Novastock. Oil fires. Disaster, fire, smoke, explosion, extreme
photo of DEW Site DEW Site
Indian Mountain DEW site
Alaska. Indian Mtn. DEW, Distant Early Warning site, Dome of a radar site.
photo of Round Island Sanctuary Round Island Sanctuary
Red Fox on Round Island
Alaska. Round Island Sanctuary, SW Alaska. Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
photo of Hand Shake Hand Shake
Sealing the Deal
Novastock. Teamwork and sealing the deal with a handshake. Business in the modern era. hand, trust,...
photo of Relaxing On The Lawn Relaxing On The Lawn
Woman takes time to relax
Novastock. Relaxing in the summer sun on a fresh green lawn. woman, relaxation, home, health, smile
photo of Woman Pumping Iron Woman Pumping Iron
Twenty Year Old Woman In The Gym
Novastock. Getting in a good workout at the gym. Sweat and toil will result in satisfactory body...
photo of Man In A Hurry Man In A Hurry
Racing to a meeting
Novastock. Business man checks his watch in anticipation of his appointment. corporate, motion...
photo of Mother Daughter Connection Mother Daughter Connection
Alaska Family Love
Novastock. Mother and daughter enjoy a family moment. friendship, embrace, love
photo of Mothers Day Mothers Day
Love My Mom
Novastock. Mother and daughter enjoy a family moment. kiss, love, child, woman
photo of Multi Ethnic Professionals Multi Ethnic Professionals
Workplace Friendship
Novastock. Teamwork and business relationships are positive forces in todays world. Corporate,...
photo of Man With Lap Top Man With Lap Top
Man working outdoors on his computer
Business man checking up on the world via laptop computer
photo of Fairbanks Fruit Fairbanks Fruit
Summer Fruit Stand
Alaska. Fairbanks. Farmers market.
photo of Wildflowers In Siberia Wildflowers In Siberia
Siberian Flowers
Russia. Chukotski Peninsula, Itygran Island. Tall Jacob's ladder and arctic dock.
photo of Underwater Tentacles Underwater Tentacles
Tentacles of Red
Crimson anemone with shrimp (cribrinopsis fernaldi) SE Alaska
photo of Beautiful Alaska Pipeline Beautiful Alaska Pipeline
Stunning Photo of Alaska Pipeline
Alaska. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline zigzags over the taiga in the Alaska Range to minimize damage by...
photo of Rocky Spire Rocky Spire
Gates of the Arctic National Park
Alaska. Gates of the Arctic National Park. Arctic summer. Arrigetch Peaks.

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