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photo of Picture Of Snow Shoes Picture Of Snow Shoes
A mountaineer removes his snow shoes while checking his equipment at base camp on Muldrow Glacier in Denali National Park.
Alaska. Denali National Park. Muldrow Glacier. Scott Sumpter at Camp below Denali. MR.
photo of Snowshoeing Brooks Range Snowshoeing Brooks Range
Man hiking in Winter
Alaska. Brooks Range. Arctic winter. Snowshoer walks amongst snow covered spruce trees.
photo of Inuit Snow Shoes Inuit Snow Shoes
Snowshoeing with Inuit man
Alaska. Petersville. Snowshoeing with Inuit native Al Topkok. MR.
photo of Classic Snowshoes Classic Snowshoes
Photo showing detail on classic Snowshoes
Alaska. Snow shoeing in Alaska is a popular winter mode of travel.
photo of Brooks Range Snowshoeing Brooks Range Snowshoeing
Brooks Range Snowshoeing Hiker
Alaska. A snowshoer returns to camp after a sunny day of climbing in the Brooks Range. MR.
photo of Snowshoe Camp Snowshoe Camp
Brooks Range Snowshoe Camp
Alaska, Brooks Range, A, winter, camper, camp, camping, tent, sunny, blue sky, snow shoe, takes...
photo of Snowshoeing Mt Rapinsky Snowshoeing Mt Rapinsky
Snowshoeing Mt Rapinsky, haines
Alaska. Haines. Chilkat Inlet. Lynn Canal. Coast Range. Snowshoeing on Mount Ripinsky.

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