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photo of Path Less Travelled Path Less Travelled
Deserted path
Washington. Skagit County. Autumn pathway, trail leading to solitude.
photo of Rustic Fence Rustic Fence
Rustic and Mossy Fence Posts
Washington. Skagit County. Old weathered fence in autumn surrounded by crimson maple leaves.
photo of Heracleum Lanatum Heracleum Lanatum
A much maligned plant
Washington. Skagit County, Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum).
photo of Dew Covered Web Dew Covered Web
Photo of Spider web in Morning dew on a pruce branch
Washington. Skagit County. Frosted spider web design.
photo of Ice Design Ice Design
Photo of Icicle Formations creating a luminous beauty
Washington. Skagit County. Close-up of design in ice.
photo of Mirror Reed Mirror Reed
Reed in Pond makes a mirrir of itself
Washington. Skagit County. Big Lake. Reed design.

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