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photo of Getting Engaged Getting Engaged
Engagement Ring and hands
Novastock. Love and romance can be identified placing a ring on a woman's finger. marriage,...
photo of Man At The Top Man At The Top
Photo of person at the summit with Mt McKinley beyond in Denali National Park
Alaska. Denali NP. View of Denali hiking above Muldrow Glacier.
photo of Seattle Art Museum Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum sculpture and shadow
Washington. Seattle Art Museum with hammering man at sunset.
photo of Kachemak Bay Night Waves Kachemak Bay Night Waves
Night Waves
Alaska. Kachemak Bay. Waves break along the shore.
photo of Rivulets Of Mud Rivulets Of Mud
Receding tide waters carve channels in the mud
Alaska. Turnagain Arm. Tides rushing in and out leave designs in the mud flats.
photo of Rippling Mud Rippling Mud

Alaska. Cook Inlet. Turnagain Arm. Mud pattern in tidal flats.
photo of Denali RV Denali RV
Recreational Vehicles and Camper
Alaska. Denali NP. Recreational vehicles.
photo of RV Travels Denali Park RV Travels Denali Park
Traveling in Denali Park fall
Alaska. Denali NP. Travelers along the Denali Park Rd have amazing views all around them.
photo of Camping Deep Creek Camping Deep Creek
Deep Creek Beach Camping
Camping under the sunshine at Deep Creek.
photo of Caribou Silhouette Caribou Silhouette
Caribou Silouhette in Denali
Alaska. Denali NP. Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) with light in background.
photo of Shadow Caribou Shadow Caribou
Caribou with McKinley
Alaska. Denali NP. Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) with Denali in background.

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