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photo of Sentinel Island Lighthouse Sentinel Island Lighthouse
The Lynn Canal shows a view of the Sentinel Island Lighthouse.
The Sentinel Island Lighthouse sits on the shore of the Lynn Canal. This lighthouse has a square...
photo of Lighthouse Lighthouse
Coastal Light House
Washington. North Head Lighthouse near Ilwaco, Sunset.
photo of Seascape And Lighthouse Seascape And Lighthouse
North head Light House
Washington. Northhead Lighthouse near Ilwaco, sunset.
photo of Eagle With Moon Eagle With Moon
Keen eyed Bald Eagle looks for something to eat
Alaska. Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) with moon in background. A bird of prey with hooked...
photo of Cook Inlet Statue And Silhouette Cook Inlet Statue And Silhouette
Cook Inlet Statue
Alaska. Anchorage. Resolution Park. Statue of Captain James Cook looks over Cook Inlet towards Mt...
photo of Silhouette Of Captain Cook Silhouette Of Captain Cook
Coook Inlet Sunset Statue
Alaska. Anchorage. Captain Cook monument in downtown looks over Cook Inlet.

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