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photo of Loving Couple Loving Couple
Two people in love
Novastock. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet love, relationships, togetherness. Couple...
photo of Wild Rose Wild Rose
Blooming Wild Rose
Canada. British Columbia, BC. Rose, wild
photo of Flower And Love Flower And Love
Love and a Rose
Novastock. A rose by any other name would smell as, relationships, togetherness....
photo of Fairbanks Tourism Fairbanks Tourism
Gold Panning at Eldorado
Alaska. Fairbanks. Tourists try their hand at panning for gold at the Eldorado Gold mine. MR.
photo of Red Rose Red Rose
Dew drops on a wet rose
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Rose bud after rain.
photo of Moose In Pond Moose In Pond
Denali Moose in Water
Alaska. Denali National Park and Preserve. A large Bull Moose (Alces alces) in velvet, grazes on...
photo of Gold Dredge 8 Gold Dredge 8
Two panners working for gold
Alaska. Fairbanks. A couple of tourists try thier hand at panning for gold at Gold Dredge #8. MRA.
photo of Gold Dust Gold Dust
Gold Panning in Alaska
Alaska. Fairbanks. 20 ounces of gold dust in a gold pan.
photo of Sitka Rose Sitka Rose
Rosebush in front of Pioneer Home
Alaska. Sitka. Sitka rose bushes in front of the Pioneer Home.
photo of Princess Bus Tour Princess Bus Tour
Atigun Highway and Pipeline
Alaska. Brooks Range. James Dalton Highway. A Princess tour bus travels through Atigun Canyon along...
photo of Boreal Forest And Northern Lights Boreal Forest And Northern Lights
Boreal forest with Northern Lights
Alaska. Interior. Fairbanks. Curtains of purple, red, and green northern lights (aurora borealis)...
photo of Wilderness And Aurora Wilderness And Aurora
Wilderness forest and Aurora
Alaska. Fairbanks. Curtains of purple, red and green Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) dance above...
photo of Woman Relaxing Woman Relaxing
Woman Relxing by Airplane
Alaska. Brooks Range. Takahula Lake. A tourist from Fairbanks enjoys the warmth of the sun after a...

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