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photo of Brown Bear Brown Bear

Alaska. Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) with Alaska Range in background, Denali Natl. Park.
photo of Kenai Fjords National Park Kenai Fjords National Park

Alaska, Exit Glacier Road. View of the Resurrection River and Kenai Fjords National Park.
photo of Alaska Winter Road Alaska Winter Road

Alaska Parks Highway in Winter with frozen spruce all around.
photo of Denali And Parks Highway Denali And Parks Highway
McKinley and Parks Highway
Alaska, Parks Highway (near Cantwell) Autumn colors along the Parks Highway and Denali (20,320).
photo of Moose And Calf Crossing Glenn Highway Moose And Calf Crossing Glenn Highway
Crossing Glenn Highway is a moose and calf with a beautiful view of Matanuska Glacier and Lion's Head peak.
Beautiful view of the snow capped Matanuska Glacier in the backdrop as a moose and her calf walk...
photo of Mt McKinley View RV Motorhome Mt McKinley View RV Motorhome
A beautiful backdrop of snow covered Mt McKinley as the motorhome drives along the highway.
Driving along the highway, a motorhome has a beautiful view of the snow covered Mt...
photo of Scenic Seward Highway Road Alaska Railroad Scenic Seward Highway Road Alaska Railroad
The Seward Highway runs along next to the Alaska Railroad on the Kenai Peninsula with scenic views of mountains.
A train is traveling on the Alaska Railroad which runs alongside a road known as the Seward Highway...
photo of Mountain Marathon Seward Mountain Marathon Seward
Crowds watch the finish of the Mountain Marathon in the town of Seward, Alaska.
Alaska. Seward. Spectators and people running in Mount Marathon race.
photo of Picture Of Worthington Glacier Picture Of Worthington Glacier
The Worthington Glacier can be seen from the Richardson Highway near Valdez
The Richardson Highway travels through the Chugach Mountains and Chugach National Forest passing by...
photo of Richardson Highway Chugach Mountains Richardson Highway Chugach Mountains
A fantastic view of the Worthington Glacier can be seen from the Richardson highway near Valdez
The RV's on the Richardson Highway travels through the Chugach Mountains and Chugach National...
photo of Mount Marathon In Seward Mount Marathon In Seward
Seward Downtown with Marathon Mountain in Background
Alaska. Seward. Dowtown and Main Street with Mt Marathon in background.
photo of Curved Highway Curved Highway
The Road less Traveled
Alaska. Seward Highway along Kenai Peninsula.
photo of Snowy Rural Road Snowy Rural Road
Photo of deserted wilderness road in winter
Alaska. Winter Road .
photo of Alaska Motorhome Vacation Alaska Motorhome Vacation
Alaska vacation in RV
Alaska. Seward Highway. Turnagain Pass and the Chugach Mts. with RV motorhome
photo of Cars In A Flood Cars In A Flood
Vehicles and parking lot during flood
Novastock. Disaster. Flood waters destroy automobiles. pollution, sinking, muddy,
photo of Snowy Road Snowy Road
Winter driving conditions
Alaska. Seward Highway. Turnagain Pass. Road sign buried in snow.
photo of Speeding Truck Speeding Truck
Fast Moving truck on Road
Alaska. Blurred wide load vehicle.
photo of Alaska Trucking Alaska Trucking
Trucking Through Beautful Scenery
Alaska. Truck hauling across a highway in Fall
photo of Hazardous Driving Condtions Hazardous Driving Condtions
Ice and Snow on Roadway
Alaska. Seward. Kenai Peninsula. Blowing snow, road, winter wind storm, ice, morning light.
photo of Vacation In Alaska Vacation In Alaska
Camper on Road in Alaska
Alaska. Seward. Kenai Peninsula. Camper RV travel on Exit Glacier Road.
photo of RV In Canada RV In Canada
Highway Driving in Canada
Canada. Alberta, Jasper NP. Highway and mts.
photo of RV In Alaska RV In Alaska
Driving vacation in Alaska
Alaska. Seward Highway and Chugach Mountains at sunset with RV.
photo of Beautiful Alaska Road Beautiful Alaska Road
Driving on the Kenai Peninsular
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Turnagain Pass. Looking down the Seward Highway towards Twenty - Mile...
photo of Seward Hwy At Bird Seward Hwy At Bird
Bird Creek
Alaska. Chugach Mts., Bird Valley. Bird Ridge hike over the Seward Highway in autumn.
photo of Tundra Damage Tundra Damage
Blasting the Alaska Tundra
Alaska. Construction explosives for use in mining and road construction.
photo of Winter Commuters In Anchorage Winter Commuters In Anchorage
Anchorage Traffic in Winter
Alaska. Anchorage. A late sunrise at 10 am with morning traffic on the freeway passing mid town...
photo of Mining In Alaska Mining In Alaska
Rock Blasting At Mine
Alaska. Construction explosives for use in mining and road construction.
photo of Skagway Street Skagway Street
Historic Skagway
Alaska. Skagway street scene with old shops and historic buildings downtown.
photo of Snow Plough Clears Storm Snow Plough Clears Storm
Grader clears highway after heavy snow fall
Alaska. Thompson Pass. Valdez. Richardson Highway maintenance workers clear the road of winter snow...
photo of White Pass Railroad White Pass Railroad
Travellers on train
Alaska. Skagway. White Pass railroad crossing into the White Pass, a traveller films the crossing...
photo of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
White Pass Railroad
Alaska. Skagway. White Pass railroad trip crossing over the White Pass and into Canada.
photo of Vehicles Avoid Moose Vehicles Avoid Moose
Traffic Stops For Moose
Canada. Alberta. Bull Moose (Alces Alces) crossing road in Elk Island national Park. Generally...
photo of Railroad Crossing Railroad Crossing
White Pass Railway Crossing
Alaska. Skagway. White Pass Passenger Train arrives in town.
photo of Engine Of Steam Engine Of Steam
White Pass No 73
Alaska. Skagway. Engine No. 73 gathers steam escorting passenger trains from the waterfront to the...
photo of Summer Driving Alaska Summer Driving Alaska
Beautiful summer day driving Alaska
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. The Seward Highway at Canyon Creek.
photo of Couple In Sports Car Couple In Sports Car
Dating in a convertible
Novastock. Freedom of the road. driving with a friend in a convertible. sports car, fast, motion,...
photo of Accommodations In Seward Accommodations In Seward
Attractive lodging in Seward
Alaska. Seward. The Best Western Hotel is centrally located near the sea front.
photo of Photo Of Explosion Photo Of Explosion
Rock and earth removal
Alaska. Construction explosives for use in mining and road construction.
photo of Two Bull Moose Two Bull Moose
Moose Grouping In Fall
Canada. Alberta. Bull Moose (Alces alces) crossing road in Elk Island National Park. Generally...
photo of Seward Highway Morning Seward Highway Morning
Dawn on the Seward Highway
Alaska. Seward Highway looking towards Skookum Glacier and Portage Valley at 3 in the morning....
photo of Morning Commuters In Anchorage Morning Commuters In Anchorage
Winter Traffic in Anchorage
Alaska. Anchorage. Morning vehicle traffic on the freeway with mid town office buildings on a cold...
photo of Cars In Deep Snow Cars In Deep Snow
Winter Snow Storm Dumps Snow
Alaska. Anchorage, Cars buried deep in snow in record snowstorm, April, 2002

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