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photo of Salmon Fishing Alaska Salmon Fishing Alaska

United States, Alaska, Coghill Lake, fisherman catching a Silver (Coho) Salmon
photo of Drift Boat Fishing Drift Boat Fishing
Kenai River Driftboat Fishing
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Kenai River, fly fishing.
photo of Fly Rods Fly Rods
Fishing Poles in a Row
Alaska. Kodiak Island. Assortment of fly rods used for salmon fishing.
photo of Silhouette Of Flyfisherman Silhouette Of Flyfisherman
Alaska. Brooks Range. Iniakuk Lake. Chuck Manley fishing for Sheefish and Northern Pike.
photo of Lake Trout Lake Trout
Wood Tikchik State Park Fishing
Alaska. Wood-Tikchik SP. Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) with fly rod.

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