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photo of Whale Tail Measurement Whale Tail Measurement
Measurement of Bowhead Whale Tail
Alaska. Barrow. Traditional eskimo native culture. Subsistence whale hunting. A bowhead whale tail...
photo of Racing Huskies Racing Huskies
Running The Iditarod
Alaska. Iditarod dog sled team charges down a straight-away.
photo of Willow Iditarod Restart Willow Iditarod Restart
Willow Iditarod Restart
Alaska. Willow. 1997 Iditarod restart.
photo of Dog Sled Team Dog Sled Team
Dog Sledding in Alaska
Alaska. Sled dogs in the Iditarod.
photo of Dog Motion Dog Motion
Dog Mushing Motion Blur
Alaska. Dog mushing in the Iditarod.
photo of Subsistence Crab Fishing Subsistence Crab Fishing
King Crab Subsistence Fishing
Alaska. Southeast, Subsistence fishing. Man pulling a king crab pot .harvest.

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