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photo of Salmon Fishing Alaska Salmon Fishing Alaska

United States, Alaska, Coghill Lake, fisherman catching a Silver (Coho) Salmon
photo of Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands
At the Beardslee Islands, the hands of a camper display juicy red nagoonberries.
Hand-picked red nagoonberries by a camper in the Beardslee Islands.

Alaska. Glacier Bay...

photo of Gold Dredge 8 Gold Weighing Gold Dredge 8 Gold Weighing
At the counter of Gold dredge #8, tourists wait as their gold is being weighed.
An assayer weighs the gold as a customer waits at the counter. Tourists are attracted to the gold...
photo of Man Racing Uphill Mt Marathon Man Racing Uphill Mt Marathon
A young competitive male is racing uphill of Mt. Marathon.
A male athlete is running uphill of Mt. Marathon. This young athlete is competing in a race....
photo of Colorful Starfish And Man Colorful Starfish And Man
On the island of Prince William Sound, a young man looks at a colorful starfish.
Laying upon the rocky island of Prince William Sound is a colorful starfish. A young man wearing...
photo of Mt Baker Solitude Mt Baker Solitude
Mt Baker Cross Country Skier
Washington. Mt Baker National Forest. Cross country skier.
photo of Runner In Denali Park Runner In Denali Park
Man trail running Denali Park
Alaska. Denali NP. Hiker enjoys a summer day with flowers in bloom. MR.
photo of Hiker At Harding Ice Field Hiker At Harding Ice Field
Hiker views the Harding Ice Field
Alaska. Kenai Fjords National Park. Harding Ice Field. Hiker in foreground.
photo of Photo Of Pregnant Woman Photo Of Pregnant Woman
A young pregnant woman dressed in a satin gown.
Pregnant woman. AACJPEG11 AAC4741jpg
photo of Portage Glacier Lake Fireweed Flowers Portage Glacier Lake Fireweed Flowers
A hiker pauses beside a crop of Fireweed flowers to enjoy the view of the Portage Lake which is fed by the Portage Glacier, Alaska.
Alaska. Portage. Viewing Portage Lake and glacier on summer day. Fireweed (epilobium angustifolium)...
photo of Photo Of Kachemak Clams Photo Of Kachemak Clams
A woman finds clams on a beach near Homer
Digging for butter clam Kachemak Bay near Homer, Alaska. MR.
photo of Backcountry Snow Boarding Photo Backcountry Snow Boarding Photo
A couple enjoy snow boarding, a popular winter recreation in the backcountry of Alaska.
Alaska. Turnagain Pass. Backcountry snowboarders look out over the slope they will board down. MR.
photo of Flattop Mountain Hiking Flattop Mountain Hiking
Family Hiking at Flattop Mountain
Alaska. Anchorage. Chugach State Park. A family of hikers along trail to Flattop mountain. A...
photo of Picture Of Wildflowers Of Kachemak Bay Picture Of Wildflowers Of Kachemak Bay
A hiker pauses amongst wildflowers to overlook Kachemak Bay in Alaska.
Alaska. Homer. Hiker in Yellow Paintbrush and Lupine viewing Kachemak Bay and the Homer Spit beyond.
photo of Turnagain Arm Scenery Alaska Turnagain Arm Scenery Alaska
A tourist pauses to enjoy the scenery of Turnagain Arm in Alaska.
Alaska. Hiker enjoys view of Turnagain Arm with the Kenai Mts beyond. MR.
photo of Salmon Fishing Russian River Salmon Fishing Russian River
Salmon fishing at the Russian River
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Anglers and fishermen try their luck combat fishing at the Kenai and...
photo of Youth Soccer Youth Soccer
Soccer Goalie
Washington. Bothell. Girl playing soccer. MR
photo of Diver And Octopus Diver And Octopus
Octopus spread out with Diver
Giant Pacific octopus (octopus dofleini) underwater in the ocean off the coast of southeast Alaska
photo of Anemone Wall In Southeast Anemone Wall In Southeast
Sea Diver with camera at Anemone Wall
SE Alaska. Diver at anemone wall, giant metricium underwater in the ocean off the coast of...
photo of Woman Photographs Whale Woman Photographs Whale
Leaping Orca in Resurrection Bay
Alaska. Resurrection Bay. Visitor, Marie Louise Rausch, photographs an Orca / Killer Whale (Grampus...
photo of Ling Cod And Diver Ling Cod And Diver
Diver and Ling Cod Underwater
Ling cod (Ophiodon elongatus) with scuba diver. underwater. Southeast Alaska
photo of Drilling Rock Drilling Rock
Highway Construction in Alaska
Alaska. Rock Drilling at Construction Site
photo of Happy Skier Happy Skier
Smiling Snow boarder
Snow covered skiers enjoys a sunny ski powder day on Mt Alyeska ski resort in Girdwood
photo of Winter Cabin View Winter Cabin View
Man enjoys his view
Alaska. Brooks Range, winter. Man in cabin looking out window. MR
photo of Steel Worker Steel Worker
Construction Worker Places Beam
Alaska. Construction worker attaching steel beam.
photo of Core Sample Core Sample
Worker looks for oil
Alaska. Technician examines a drilling core sample.
photo of Glacier Bay Scenery Glacier Bay Scenery
Glacier Viewing in Alaska
Alaska. Hiker views tidewater glacier calving at Alsek Glacier. Glacier Bay National Park
photo of Children On Phone Children On Phone
Children at Payphone
Alaska. Four year old twins, Marina and Alex Graham, at a pay phone. MR.
photo of Great Outdoors Alaska Great Outdoors Alaska
Alaska Glacier Viewing
Alaska. USA. Glacier Bay National Park. Hiker views vast ice field above Alsek Glacier close up. MR
photo of Person Climbing Tree Person Climbing Tree
Silhouette of Man in Big Tree
Washington. Anacortes. Silhouetted tree at sunset with person climbing it.
photo of Woman Construction Worker Woman Construction Worker
Female Heavy Equipment Operator
Alaska. Minority Female operates a Compactor at Highway Construction Project. MR.
photo of Funhouse GIrl Funhouse GIrl
Little Girl in a Sea of Balls
Four year old girl, Marina Graham, at play in a ball pen. MR
photo of Stendous Leucichthys Stendous Leucichthys
Alaska Fishing Trip
Alaska. Brooks Range. Kobuk River. Man with sheefish (Stendous leucichthys) Successful fishing, MR
photo of Women In Construction Women In Construction
African American woman operates heavy equipment
Alaska. Minority Woman worker on road construction project. MR.
photo of Panoramic View Above Dawson City Panoramic View Above Dawson City
Hiker enjoys Fall Scenery near Dawson
Canada. Yukon Territory. Hiker above Yukon River and Dawson City. MR.
photo of Windsurfing Windsurfing
Windsurfer Motion Blur
Oregon, Columbia River Gorge. Windsurfers along the Hood River.
photo of Rafting In Southeast Rafting In Southeast
Glacier Sightseeing in Tracy Arm
Alaska. Southeast. Rafting in southeast, Tourism. Happy people who just watched a glacier calving.
photo of Snowshoeing Brooks Range Snowshoeing Brooks Range
Man hiking in Winter
Alaska. Brooks Range. Arctic winter. Snowshoer walks amongst snow covered spruce trees.
photo of Frigid Fairbanks Frigid Fairbanks
Extreme Cold In Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. Interior winter, extreme cold, a pedestrian pauses in front of the welcome to...
photo of Fall In The Yukon Fall In The Yukon
Spectacular scenery for hiker above Dawson
Canada. Yukon Territory. Hiker above Yukon River and Dawson City. MR.
photo of Back Country Hike Back Country Hike
Hiking in Denali National Park
Alaska. Denali NP. Backpacker enjoys view from a ridge while hiking Bison Gulch. MR.
photo of Woman With Wildflowers Woman With Wildflowers
Hiker with wildflowers
Alaska. Crow Pass. Hiker enjoys summer day . Moss Campion (Silene acaulis) in foreground. Chugach...

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