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photo of Night Crane Night Crane
Full Moon crashes into a Crane
Novastock. Construction and the moon. crane, build, night, silhouette
photo of Palms Up Palms Up
Light in the palm of your hand
Novastock. A ball of light suspended in the stars above the human touch. soul, spirit, health, new...
photo of Lunar Orb Lunar Orb
Our Moon
Alaska. Full moon.
photo of Meditating Female Meditating Female
Woman Contemplates Her Future
Novastock. Asian woman with glowing ball sits under the stars. harmony, future crystal ball, new...
photo of Seeing The Future Seeing The Future
Looking into a crystal ball
Novastock. Woman with glowing ball sits under the stars. harmony, future crystal ball, new age,...
photo of Orange Orb Sunset Orange Orb Sunset
Orb sinks behind Alaska Range
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Alaska Range. Sunset casts warm amber hues over the sea and sky.
photo of Full Moon Full Moon
Full Moon over Alaska Range
Alaska. Alaska Range. Full moon rising in evening sky behind Mt. Russell.
photo of Sunset Sunset
Sunset into Cook Inlet
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Turnagain Arm. Sunset.
photo of Admirality Island Admirality Island
Admirality Island Moonscape
Alaska. Southeast. Full moon over Admiralty Island, from Seymour Canal.
photo of Mt Brooks And Moonlight Mt Brooks And Moonlight
Moon ovber Mt Brooks
Alaska. Denali NP. Mt. Brooks and moon (double expsoure).

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