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photo of Drilling For Oil And Gas In Ocean Drilling For Oil And Gas In Ocean
Sea water swirls around oil rig
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Tidal action under an oil and gas platform.
photo of Oil Platform Silhouette Oil Platform Silhouette
Winter sea ice surrounds oil platforms Cook Inlet
Alaska. Oil production platforms in icy Cook Inlet stand silhouetted by the golden setting sun.
photo of Off Shore Oil Rig Off Shore Oil Rig
OIl production platform in Cook Inlet summer
Alaska. Cook Inlet. The Dolly Varden oil production platform.
photo of Flares Gas Platform Flares Gas Platform
Winter Photo offshore Oil rigs
Alaska. Cook Inlet. An oil production platform's gas flares light up the winter sky near Mt Spurr.
photo of Aerial Photo Monopod Oil Rig Aerial Photo Monopod Oil Rig
Helicopter prepares to land on off shore oil rig Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. A helicopter lands on the monopod oil production platform, crew changes are...
photo of Oil Rig With Crew Boats Oil Rig With Crew Boats
Oil production platform and supoort ships Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Dolly Varden off shore oil rig. Oil drilling platform at night with work boats.
photo of Monopod Oil Platform Monopod Oil Platform
Off shore gas platform
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Surrounded by ocean, Monopod gas production platform in spring with snowy...
photo of Aerial Oil And Gas Platforms Aerial Oil And Gas Platforms
Oil platforms and sea ice in Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Spectacular winter view of oil platforms and sea ice with sunset on Mt Spurr in...
photo of Oil And Gas Rigs Oil And Gas Rigs
Globall demand keeps oil and gas platforms busy
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Trading Bay. Oil production platforms in winter.
photo of Cook Inlet Gas Rig Cook Inlet Gas Rig
Photo of sunset on off shore gas platform
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Oil rig production platform in the icy inlet with Mt Spurr in background.
photo of Dolly Varden Gas Flare Dolly Varden Gas Flare
Controversial practice of burning excess gas at Oil platform
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Gas flare illuminates the Dolly Varden gas production platform oil rig at night.
photo of Oil Rig Blow Out Oil Rig Blow Out
Offshore oil and gas production platform blow out
Alaska. Cook Inlet. "Grayling" oil rig platform blow out sends a huge plume into the air.
photo of Tank Farm Tank Farm
Aerial photo of tanker docked at oil refinery
Alaska. Tanker docks at oil refinery on the shore of Cook Inlet.
photo of Tanker At Dock Tanker At Dock
Marine tanker at Nikiski dock on Cook Inlet
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Tanker loads petroleum products at an oil refinery near Nikiski. Alaska Range...

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