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photo of Fishermen Boat Lake Cassidy Fishermen Boat Lake Cassidy
The silhouette of two fishermen during a foggy morning as the sun peeks through on Lake Cassidy.
The silhouette of two fisherman enjoy the foggy morning along Lake Cassidy.


photo of Rowing Picture Rowing Picture
An aeriel view of a team Rowing in a Montlake Cut in Washington.
Washington. Rowers on a Montlake Cut. Rowing, teamwork, crew, boat,
photo of Youth Soccer Youth Soccer
Soccer Goalie
Washington. Bothell. Girl playing soccer. MR
photo of Northwest Lighthouse Northwest Lighthouse
Quaint Lighthouse In Oregon
Oregon. Cape Blanco. Lighthouse near Port Orford.
photo of Tug Pulls Lumber Tug Pulls Lumber
Boat with raft of harvested timber
Washington. Deception Pass, Puget Sound. Tugboat towing logging boom.
photo of Neon Sign Neon Sign
Evening lights in Portland
Oregon. Portland Performance Arts Center with city night lights.
photo of Lighthouse Lighthouse
Coastal Light House
Washington. North Head Lighthouse near Ilwaco, Sunset.
photo of Kid Fishing Kid Fishing
Little Girl Fishing
Washington. Lake Pleasant Bothell. Young girl ( 7 years old) fishing.
photo of Night Falls In Portland Night Falls In Portland
Downtown Portland
Oregon. Portland skyline at sunset with Williamette River.
photo of Seascape And Lighthouse Seascape And Lighthouse
North head Light House
Washington. Northhead Lighthouse near Ilwaco, sunset.
photo of Baseball Batter Baseball Batter
Teeball Batter
Washington. Little league baseball player hitting the ball. MR
photo of Verdant Waterfall Verdant Waterfall
Pristine little waterfall
Washington. Mt Rainier National Park. small stream in mossy setting.
photo of Icicles Icicles
Closeup of hanging icicles
Washington. Seattle. Icicles hanging on a park bench in sunset light.
photo of Icicles Hanging Icicles Hanging
Icicles hanging
Washington. Seattle. Icicles hanging on a park bench in sunset light.

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