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photo of Pink Fireweed In Alaska Pink Fireweed In Alaska
Mary Dunn is enjoying bright pink fireweed, a native plant in Alaska.
The fireweed is a wildflower that is native to Alaska. Mary Dunn is enjoying the bright pink...
photo of Winter Magic Ice Crystals Winter Magic Ice Crystals
Close Up of Ice Crystals in the town of Seward, Alaska.
Alaska. Seward. Ice patterns. Crystal.
photo of Becharof National Wildlife Refuge Becharof National Wildlife Refuge
Flora of Alaska
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Arctic Forget-Me-Not (Eritrichium aretides)
photo of Ice At The North Pole Ice At The North Pole
Aerial of Arctic ice
Svalbard Norway. North of Nordaustlandet. Polar Ice.
photo of Picea Glauca Picea Glauca
White Spruce Needles with Dew
Alaska. Glacier Bay National Park. Rain drops on white Spruce (Picea Glauca) needles.
photo of Aleutian Island Flora Aleutian Island Flora
Rhododendron camschaticum
Alaska. Alaska Peninsula. Aleutian Islands. Rhododendron (C. camtschaticum) in the alpine meadows...
photo of Matteuccia Struthiopteris Matteuccia Struthiopteris
Photo of a fern that likes very wet woods in Alaska
Alaska. Alexander Creek. Ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris).
photo of Twisted Wood Twisted Wood
Weathered convoluted old drifttwood
Washington. Olympic National Park. Weathered wood design.
photo of Nootka Lupin Nootka Lupin
Lupinus nootkatensis
Alaska. Nootka Lupin (Lupinus nootkatensis).
photo of Strawberries In Bloom Strawberries In Bloom
wild strawberry blossoms
Alaska, Glacier Bay NP, wild strawberry blossoms (Fragaria chilensis)
photo of Idaho Inlet Columbine Idaho Inlet Columbine
Dew covered Columbines
Alaska. Tongass National Forest, Chichagof Island, Idaho Inlet, Western Columbine (Aquilegia...
photo of Eritrichium Aretides Eritrichium Aretides
Arctic Forget-Me-Not
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Arctic Forget-Me-Not (Eritrichium aretides)
photo of Salix Arctica Salix Arctica
Arctic willow (Salix arctica)
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Arctic willow (Salix arctica)
photo of Pica Glauca Pica Glauca
White Spruce Cones
Alaska. White spruce cones (Pica glauca) Denali National Park
photo of Columbine Couple Columbine Couple
Shooting Star Flowers
Alaska. Anchorage. Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa)
photo of Dew Covered Lupine Dew Covered Lupine
Lupine encased in morning dew
Alaska. Nootka Lupin (Lupinus nootkatensis).
photo of Lupine Leaves Lupine Leaves
Bartlett Cove Dew on Nootka Lupine
Alaska. Glacier Bay NP., Bartlett Cove Dew on Nootka Lupine (L. nootkatensis)
photo of Catkins Salix Sp Catkins Salix Sp
willow leaves and catkins (Salix sp.)
Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park., Hugh Miller Inlet, willow leaves and catkins (Salix sp.)
photo of Foxtail Barley Grass Foxtail Barley Grass
Hordeum jubatum
Alaska. Foxtail barley grass (Hordeum jubatum) grows in Boreal tundra. Close up.
photo of Autumn Birch And Raindrops Autumn Birch And Raindrops
Raindrops on Leaf
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Autumn birch leaf with raindrops.
photo of Primula Tschuktschorum Arcita Primula Tschuktschorum Arcita
Chukchi Primrose
Alaska. Aleutians and Kodiak Island. Primula tschuktschorum arcita.
photo of False Hellebore False Hellebore
Graphic False Hellebore growth in Spring
Alaska. Kenai Mountains. False Hellebore shoot growning from dead, dry grass.
photo of Rye Grass Water Rye Grass Water
Droplets on blade of grass
Alaska, Glacier Bay NP, Hugh Miller Inlet, water droplets (from a recent rain) on rye grass.
photo of Mountain Avens Mountain Avens
Eight-petaled avens
Alaska. Becharof NWR. Mountain avens (Dryas octopetala)
photo of Picea Glauca Picea Glauca
Snowy Pine Bough
Alaska. Fairbanks. Winter, single Spruce (Picea glauca) bough, hoarfrost.
photo of Chukchi Primrose Chukchi Primrose
Primula tschuktschorum arcita
Alaska. Aleutians and Kodiak Island.Primula tschuktschorum arcita.
photo of Finger Holding Cable Finger Holding Cable
Close up on Technology Cord
Novastock. Fiber Optics. Technology. Transmittal by light. computer, wire, phone, hi tech, macro,...
photo of Dahlia Blossom Dahlia Blossom
Photo of a beautiful Dahlia in bloom
Alaska. Anchorage. Soft focus of Dahlia flower.
photo of Cable Cable
Communication Wire
Novastock. Fiber Optics. Technology. Transmittal by light. computer, wire, phone, hi tech, macro,...
photo of Cool Pattern Of Ice Cool Pattern Of Ice
Criss Cross Ice Crystals
Alaska. Fairbanks. Patterns, chain link fence, hoarfrost, winter.
photo of Rhododendron Camschaticum Rhododendron Camschaticum
Aleutian Islands Flora
Alaska. Alaska Peninsula. Aleutian Islands.Rhododendron (C. camtschaticum) in the alpine meadows of...
photo of Pasque Flower Pasque Flower
Pulsatilla hirsutissima
Alaska. Brooks Range. Pasque flower (Pulsatilla hirsutissima)
photo of H2O H2O
Blades of Grass with Water
Alaska Peninsula. Becharof NWR. Rain on grasses.
photo of Domestic Dahlia Flower Domestic Dahlia Flower
Close up photo of Dahlia flower buds with tiny dew drops
Alaska. Anchorage. Dew drops on a Dahlia bud.
photo of Symphytum Uplandicum Symphytum Uplandicum
Bell shaped Comfrey blossoms
Washington. Skagit County. Comfrey flowers (Symphytum uplandicum).
photo of Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Cable
Information Technology
Novastock. Fiber Optics. Technology. Transmittal by light. computer, wire, phone, hi tech, macro,...
photo of Vegetation Tundra Vegetation Tundra
Red Tundra Foilage and Berries
Alaska. Denali NP. Autumn colors the vegetation bright red.
photo of Delicate Ice Crystals Delicate Ice Crystals
Alaska. Fairbanks. Winter, Single spruce branch tip, hanging hoar frost.
photo of Purple Lupine Purple Lupine
Photo of tiny blossoms on one stalk of Alaska Lupine.
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Nootka lupine (Lupinus nootkatensis).
photo of Aconitum Delphinifolium Aconitum Delphinifolium
Individual Blue Monkshood Blossoms
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Monks Hood (Aconitum delphinifolium)
photo of Domestic Straw Flowers Domestic Straw Flowers
Photo of a beautiful Straw flower
Alaska. Anchorage. Strawflowers.
photo of Vaccinium Uliginosum Vaccinium Uliginosum
Bear Food
Alaska. Denali NP. Fall. Bog Blueberries (Vaccinium uliginosum)

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