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photo of Underwater Sailfin Sculpin Underwater Sailfin Sculpin
Sculpin in Southeast Alaska
Sailfin sculpin (Nautichthys oculofasciatus) SE Alaska.
photo of Pink Anemone Pink Anemone
Pink Anemone with Tentacles
Crimson sea anemone (metridium senile) with shrimp (cribrinopsis fernaldi) SE Alaska
photo of Red Urchin Red Urchin
Red Urchin with Ventral Surface
Red Urchin ( Stronglocentrotus franciscanus) Ventral surface. SE Alaska
photo of Warbonnet Fish Warbonnet Fish
Decorator Warbonnet in Southeast
Decorator warbonnet. (Chirolophis decoratus) fish underwater in southeast Alaska.
photo of Underwater Tentacles Underwater Tentacles
Tentacles of Red
Crimson anemone with shrimp (cribrinopsis fernaldi) SE Alaska
photo of Feather Star Pattern Feather Star Pattern
Patterned Feather Star Underwater Image
Feather Star (Florometra serratissima) SE Alaska
photo of White Plumed Anemone White Plumed Anemone
White Plumed Anemone in Southeast
White plumed anemone (Metridium Giganteum) SE Alaska
photo of Green Anemone Green Anemone
Southeast Anemone
Green Anemone (Anthopleurua Xanthogrammica) SE Alaska
photo of Saving Oily Bird Saving Oily Bird
Volunteers wash an oiled sea bird
Alaska. Valdez. Water-pik, dishpan, and volunteers try to save the oil coated birds following the...
photo of Grandfather And Child Gold Panning Grandfather And Child Gold Panning
Grandfather and child gold panning
Alaska. Marina Graham (4 yrs old) learns to pan for gold with Howie Standley. MR.
photo of Hydromedusa Stavrophora Mentensi Hydromedusa Stavrophora Mentensi
White Cross Jellyfish
Alaska. Prince William Sound. White Cross Jellyfish (Hydromedusa stavrophora mentensi).
photo of Chlysanora Avinavecirria Chlysanora Avinavecirria
Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Chlysanora avinavecirria).
photo of Metridium Senil Metridium Senil
Frilled anemone
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Frilled anenome (Metridium senil).
photo of Nudibranch Triopha Catalinae Nudibranch Triopha Catalinae
Sea Clown
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Sea Clown (Nudibranch triopha catalinae).
photo of Rana Sylvatica Rana Sylvatica
Wood frog tadpole
Alaska. Wood frog tadpole (Rana sylvatica).
photo of JellyFish JellyFish
Jellyfish flotation
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Jellyfish (Eperetmus typus).
photo of Sea Lions Sea Lions
Stellar Sea Lion Rookery
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Stellar Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubata).

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