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photo of Hydromedusa Stavrophora Mentensi Hydromedusa Stavrophora Mentensi
White Cross Jellyfish
Alaska. Prince William Sound. White Cross Jellyfish (Hydromedusa stavrophora mentensi).
photo of Chlysanora Avinavecirria Chlysanora Avinavecirria
Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Sea Nettle Jellyfish (Chlysanora avinavecirria).
photo of Aurelia Aurita Aurelia Aurita
Moon Jellyfish
Alaska. Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita).
photo of JellyFish JellyFish
Jellyfish flotation
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Jellyfish (Eperetmus typus).

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