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photo of Monopod Oil Platform Monopod Oil Platform
Off shore gas platform
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Surrounded by ocean, Monopod gas production platform in spring with snowy...
photo of Oil Rig With Crew Boats Oil Rig With Crew Boats
Oil production platform and supoort ships Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Dolly Varden off shore oil rig. Oil drilling platform at night with work boats.
photo of Oil Spill Oil Spill
Aerial photo of Exxon Valdez oil coating Alaska beach
Alaska. Exxon Valdez oil spill. Prince William Sound. Rocky point. Crude oil in the sea is...
photo of Beautiful Trans Alaska Pipeline Beautiful Trans Alaska Pipeline
The Alaska oil pipeline reflected in a beautiful lake at sunset
Alaska. Trans-Alaska pipeline at sunset.
photo of Aerial Photo Monopod Oil Rig Aerial Photo Monopod Oil Rig
Helicopter prepares to land on off shore oil rig Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. A helicopter lands on the monopod oil production platform, crew changes are...
photo of Sunshine Alaska Pipeline And Tundra Sunshine Alaska Pipeline And Tundra
Sunshine over the coastal plain and tundra Alaska Pipeline
Alaska. North Slope. Midnight sun behind Trans-Alaska pipeline.
photo of Oil Rig Blow Out Oil Rig Blow Out
Offshore oil and gas production platform blow out
Alaska. Cook Inlet. "Grayling" oil rig platform blow out sends a huge plume into the air.
photo of Turnagain Arm Train Tracks Turnagain Arm Train Tracks
Turnagain Arm at Sunset
Alaska. Anchorage. The Alaska Railroad lines along the Cook inlet and the Turnagain Arm. Sunset.
photo of Underwater Welder Underwater Welder
Deep Sea Diver at Work
Alaska. Diver underwater welding. MR.
photo of Bioremediation Project Bioremediation Project
Oil spill Bioremediation clean up of oiled beach
Alaska. Workers outfitted in safety attire spray benign nutrients for Bioremediation Project on the...
photo of Petroleum Refinery Petroleum Refinery
Nikiski Oil refinery
Alaska. Vacuum unit increases efficiency at an oil refinery by reducing by half the amount of...
photo of Winter Alyeska Pipeline Winter Alyeska Pipeline
Alaska oil pipeline snakes across tundra
Alaska. Brooks Range. The Trans-Alaska pipeline snakes its way across the frozen arctic tundra.
photo of Pollution On Water Pollution On Water
OIl sheen pollutes environment
Alaska. Colorful sheen show oil spill's movement at sea.
photo of Prudhoe Bay Oilfields Arctic Coastal Plain Beaufort Sea Prudhoe Bay Oilfields Arctic Coastal Plain Beaufort Sea
Along the shores of the Beaufort Sea, the flat tundra of the arctic coastal plain is used for the Prudhoe Bay Oilfields.
Weaving in every direction across the arctic coastal plain along the Beaufort Sea coast are gravel...
photo of Scenic Alaska Oil Pipeline Scenic Alaska Oil Pipeline
Summer photo of Alaska Pipeline
Alaska. The Trans-Alaska pipeline transports oil 800 miles from the North Slope to Valdez.
photo of Exxon Valdez Tanker Exxon Valdez Tanker
Valdez Tanker Oil Spill
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Bow of the oil tanker "Exxon Valdez".
photo of Alaska Oil Drilling Alaska Oil Drilling
Photo of Oil Production in Prudhoe Bay
Alaska. Prudhoe Bay, America's largest oil field. September sunset with drill rig.
photo of Pipeline Pig Pipeline Pig
Device used to clean the inside of Oil Pipeline
Alaska. Fairbanks. Model of a "pig" used for cleaning out the inside of the Trans-Alaska pipeline.
photo of Sea Otter Death Sea Otter Death
Oil Spill claims lives of Sea Otters
Alaska. Prince William Sound. A sea otter (Enhydra lutris) female and pup carcass dead from effects...
photo of Oil Spill Cleanup Oil Spill Cleanup
Prince William Sound Oil Spill Cleanup
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Oily sheen rinsed from beach by Maxi Barge is captured by boom...
photo of Jet Stream Jet Stream
Jet leaving stream in Air
Alaska. Bright white jet leaves an expanding trail of vapor in the ocean blue sky.
photo of Oil Spill Cleanup Boats Oil Spill Cleanup Boats
Oil Booms used to clean up Spill
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Skimmer extracts oil driven from beach by steam cleaners.
photo of Arctic Oil Pipe Line Arctic Oil Pipe Line
Frozen Tundra and Pipeline
Alaska. North Slope of the Brooks Range. Trans - Alaska Pipeline snakes its way across the open...
photo of Petroleum Refinery Petroleum Refinery
Night photo of network of pipes at Gas works
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Evening views of Tesoro's petroleum refinery.
photo of Crab Fishing Boat On The Bering Sea Alaska Crab Fishing Boat On The Bering Sea Alaska
Pots filled with crab are hoisted into a holding tank on a commercial crab fishing boat in the unforgiving Bering Sea of Alaska.
Alaska. Commercial fishing. Totes full of crab are hoisted in the air to be dumped into the hopper...
photo of Killik Tundra Train Killik Tundra Train
Cat train moving supplies across tundra
Alaska. Killik. Cat train on the North Slope.
photo of Moon Alaska Pipeline Moon Alaska Pipeline
Half Moon rises over Trans Alaska Pipeline
Alaska. Brooks Range. Trans-Alaska pipeline during a winter sunset.
photo of Crab Boat In Rough Seas Crab Boat In Rough Seas
Commerical Fishing
Various Alaska Commercial Fishing
photo of Oil Derrick North Slope Oil Derrick North Slope
Summer photo of Tundra with Oil platform North Slope
Alaska. Prudhoe Bay. Drill rig surrounded by well houses, an ARCO production.
photo of Clear Cut Forest Clear Cut Forest
Scarred hillside from logging the forest
Alaska. Southeast. A clearcut forest is a barren landscape.
photo of House On Fire House On Fire
Burning down the house
Alaska. Anchorage. Firefighters use a controlled fire to destroy a building on Lake Otis Parkway.
photo of North Slope Oil Exploration North Slope Oil Exploration
Prudhoe Bay oilfield machinery travels on ice roads
Alaska. North Slope. Prudhoe Bay. Oversize trucks turn oil industry buildings into mobile units on...
photo of Sea Land Shipping Sea Land Shipping
Shipping at Port of Anchorage
Alaska. Anchorage. Container ship at port on Cook Inlet.
photo of Drilling For Oil And Gas In Ocean Drilling For Oil And Gas In Ocean
Sea water swirls around oil rig
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Tidal action under an oil and gas platform.
photo of King Island Oil Cleanup King Island Oil Cleanup
Oil spill workers attempt clean up of oiled shore line
Alaska. Prince William Sound. King Island. Steam cleaning following the Exxon Valdez oil spill on a...
photo of Cool Pattern Of Ice Cool Pattern Of Ice
Criss Cross Ice Crystals
Alaska. Fairbanks. Patterns, chain link fence, hoarfrost, winter.
photo of OIl Refinery Winter OIl Refinery Winter
Nikiski Alaska Oil Refinery
Alaska. ;Kenai Peninsula;Nikiski. Vaccuum unit increases efficiency at an oil refinery by reducing...
photo of Snow Plough Clears Storm Snow Plough Clears Storm
Grader clears highway after heavy snow fall
Alaska. Thompson Pass. Valdez. Richardson Highway maintenance workers clear the road of winter snow...
photo of Dead Oil Bird Dead Oil Bird
Millions of sea birds killed by Exxon Valdez oil spill
Alaska. Prince William Sound. A dead bird found on the beach, one of many animals who died...
photo of Oil Spill On Rocks Oil Spill On Rocks
Oil Spill residue on rocky beach
Alaska. Prince William Sound. Oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster sits on rocks and beach...
photo of Badami Badami
Aerial Photo Badami Oil field near ANWR Alaska
Alaska. Badami oil field development. Located approx. 35 miles west of ANWR. Aerial view to east....
photo of Trans Alaska Pipeline Trans Alaska Pipeline
Alaskan Wealth
Alaska. Alaska Oil Pipeline near Paxson, Central Alaska.

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