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photo of Arctic Scenery Arctic Scenery
South Fork of Koyukuk River
Alaska, Dalton Hwy. South Fork of Koyukuk River.
photo of Bull Elk Bull Elk
Bull Elk With Huge Rack of Antlers
Canada. Alberta. Bull Elk in Jasper National Park.
photo of Elk Portrait Elk Portrait
Cervus elaphus
Alaska. Large bull elk (Cervus elaphus), in winter.
photo of Large Bull Elk Large Bull Elk
Bull Elk in Winter Mountains
Alaska. Large bull elk (Cervus elaphus), in winter.
photo of Rocky Mountain Elk Rocky Mountain Elk
One Elk Stands Alone
Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus).
photo of Mountain Range Spine Mountain Range Spine
Jagged spine of the Chuagach Mountain Range
Alaska. Chugach Mts. Summer aerial.
photo of Sunset On Chugach Sunset On Chugach
Chugach with Moon and Evening light
Alaska. Chugach SP. Moon over Chugach Mts at sunset.
photo of Banff Golf Course Banff Golf Course
Elk on the golf course in Banff
Elk on the golf course in Banff, Cascade Mountain in the background, Banff National Park, Alberta,...
photo of Spring Snowmelt Spring Snowmelt
Spring Sunset over Chugach
Alaska. Chugach Mts. Sunset over mountain range.
photo of Coastal Scenery Coastal Scenery
Smoky Sunset
Alaska. Southeast Alaska. Coastal Scenery with sunset in background.

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