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photo of Web Woman Web Woman
Woman thinking about the Internet
Novastock. The effect of the internet on people's minds. Technology. www., humorous, woman,
photo of Circle Hot Springs Circle Hot Springs
Man with Frozen Hair at Circle Hot Springs
Alaska. Circle Hot Springs. Extreme temperatures freeze mans hair in place while sitting in the hot...
photo of Jack O Lantern Jack O Lantern
Frozen Halloween Pumpkin
Alaska. Frozen Halloween pumpkin smile.
photo of Mirouga Angustirostris Mirouga Angustirostris
Open Wide
Elephant Seal Bull Roaring. (Mirouga angustirostris)
photo of Common Redpoll Common Redpoll
Little bird with snow on his head
Alaska. Common redpoll (Carduelis flammea) in falling snow in winter.
photo of Skinny Dicks Skinny Dicks
Sinny Dicks Half way Inn
Alaska. Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn receives much ribbing for its name.
photo of Frozen Jack O Lantern Frozen Jack O Lantern
Frozen pumpkin
Alaska. Frozen Halloween pumpkin smile.
photo of Carduelis Flammes Carduelis Flammes
Alaska. Big Lake. Redpoll (Carduelis flammes).

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