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photo of Candle Light In Frosted Window Candle Light In Frosted Window
Temperature at -30 degrees, a candle light glows through the frozen snow on the frosted window in Alaska.
Extreme weather shows frozen snow hanging around a frosted window in Alaska. A small candle light...
photo of Young Couple Keys To Home Young Couple Keys To Home
The young happy couple receives the key to their new home.
A young man and woman are smiling as she receives the key to their new home. Beautiful young...
photo of Alaskas Governors Mansion Alaskas Governors Mansion
The Governor's historical white mansion with its grand columns sits in Juneau, Alaska.
Beautiful mansion is the Governor's house in Juneau, Alaska. Alaska, Juneau, the Governor's...
photo of Saguaro Cactus Saguaro Cactus
Photo of Saguaro Cactus in Arizona
Arizona. Gila woodpeckers often make their home in giant saguaro cactus. The Gila Woodpecker...
photo of Log Home Construction Picture Log Home Construction Picture
A new log home being constructed on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Sterling. Scribed Logs.
photo of Snow Covered Log Cabin With Christmas Lights Snow Covered Log Cabin With Christmas Lights
Pretty christmas lights adorn a snowcovered old historic log cabin home in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Alaska. Fairbanks. A historic log cabin built in 1910.
photo of Structure Fire Structure Fire
Burning Down the House
Novastock. Disaster . House on fire. burn, flame, home, insurance,
photo of Computer Homework Computer Homework
Siblings using Computer
Novastock. Technology. Learning together the ways of the technological world is a family adventure....
photo of Shopping In Ketchikan Shopping In Ketchikan
Cute shops along the Boardwalk
Alaska. Ketchikan. Creek Street buildings.
photo of Sitka Shoreline Sitka Shoreline
Alaska Style Retirement Home
Alaska. Sitka. RA. Pioneer Home, St. Michael's Cathedral, from Japonski Island.
photo of Winter Cabin View Winter Cabin View
Man enjoys his view
Alaska. Brooks Range, winter. Man in cabin looking out window. MR
photo of Homes In Girdwood Homes In Girdwood
Ski Chalets and Fine Homes In Girdwood
Alaska. Girdwood. Mt Alyeska . Glacier Valley. Chugach Mountains and homes in fall color.
photo of Ketchikan Walking Tour Ketchikan Walking Tour
Creek Street
Alaska. Ketchikan. Creek Street historic red light district buildings built on pilings over water
photo of Baby Bald Eaglet Baby Bald Eaglet
Bald Eagle Chick
Alaska. Ayakulik Island off SW Kodiak Is. Juvenile Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in nest.
photo of Museum In Kodiak Museum In Kodiak
Erskine House Visitor Attraction
Alaska. Kodiak. Erskine House, Baranov Museum, built 1792.
photo of Relaxing On The Lawn Relaxing On The Lawn
Woman takes time to relax
Novastock. Relaxing in the summer sun on a fresh green lawn. woman, relaxation, home, health, smile
photo of Former Whorehouse Former Whorehouse
Old Brothel in Ketchikan
Alaska. Ketchikan. Visitors explore Dolly's House a former whore house on Creek Street built on...
photo of Historic Ketchikan Historic Ketchikan
Houses built over water
Alaska. Ketchikan. Creek Street historic red light district buildings built on pilings over water
photo of New Home Construction New Home Construction
Building Boom
Novastock. Construction. Building the frame to a new home. house, wood, economy, build
photo of Historic Ketchikan Buildings Historic Ketchikan Buildings
Street Over a Creek
Alaska. Ketchikan. Creek Street buildings built on pilings over a slough.
photo of Snow Man Snow Man
Michigan. Farmington Hills. Snowman Wintertime scenics and holiday spirit.
photo of Gardener On Phone Gardener On Phone
Woman on phone while gardening
Novastock. Taking a break on a summers day to talk to a friend on the phone. Relax in the garden....
photo of Alaska Log Cabin Alaska Log Cabin
Wilderness Cabin
Alaska. Denali National Park. Log cabin in fall colors with Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft.) beyond.
photo of Emerald Lake With Cabin Emerald Lake With Cabin
Emerald Lake with cabin
Canada. British Columbia. Emerald Lake with cabin.
photo of Dollys House Dollys House
Woman dancer outside Creek Street boardwalk store in Ketchikan
Alaska. Ketchikan. Dolly's House museum and gift shop was once a flourishing brothel in Creek...
photo of Cabin With Lights Cabin With Lights
Holiday Cabin in Cooper Landing
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Cooper Landing cabin with christmas lights.
photo of Holiday Chalet Holiday Chalet
Chalet of Holiday Cheer
Alaska. Girdwood. Alyeska Ski Resort. Christmas lighting illuminates a gift shop at the base of the...
photo of Cozy Winter Cabin Cozy Winter Cabin
Warm and Inviting log home
Alaska. Girdwood. Cabin in winter with Christmas lights. PR
photo of Dollys House Dollys House
Woman entices customers into Red Light District
Alaska. Ketchikan. "Dolly's House" one of the "girls" at the front door.
photo of Girdwood Chalet Girdwood Chalet
Photo of ski chalet in heavy snow at Mt Alyeska Ski area
Alaska. Girdwood. Cabin in winter.
photo of Creek Street Creek Street
Colorful store in Ketchikan
Alaska. Ketchikan. Shops in Creek Street boardwalk on pilings, once a flourishing red light...
photo of Denali Log Cabin Denali Log Cabin
Charming log cabin in the Alaska wilderness in summer
Alaska. Denali NP. Alaska log cabin, built by Tom Walker. PR
photo of Alaska Backcountry Cabin Alaska Backcountry Cabin
Night view of small rental cabin in Alaska
Alaska. Alaska Range. Cabin in winter evening, minus 20 degrees outside. PR
photo of Marten Marten

Alaska. Marten (Martes americana).
photo of Hope Hope
Sea Breeze Cafe
Alaska. Hope. Sea Breeze cafe and store buildings in historic town, Chugach Mts in distance.
photo of Gastineau Channel Douglas Gastineau Channel Douglas
Douglas and Gastineau Channel
Alaska. Juneau. Modern homes in the suburb of Douglas, on Douglas Island across Gastineau Channel...
photo of Wiseman Cabin Wiseman Cabin
Wiseman Cabin and Tourist
Alaska. Brooks Range. Wiseman. The Historic Wiseman Trading Company. A curious visitor looks...
photo of Pioneer Home Aerial Pioneer Home Aerial
Aerial of Pioneer Home in Sitka
Alaska. Sitka. Aerial of Pioneer Square on the waterfront.
photo of Sitka Rose Sitka Rose
Rosebush in front of Pioneer Home
Alaska. Sitka. Sitka rose bushes in front of the Pioneer Home.
photo of Senior Citizen Home Senior Citizen Home
Tourists outside Pioneer home
Alaska. Sitka. Pioneer Home, state of Alaska senior citizen home.
photo of Kachemak Bay Village Of Seldovia Kachemak Bay Village Of Seldovia
Kachemak Bay and Seldovia
Alaska. Seldovia. Houses lining the shore.
photo of Roofers On The PAC Roofers On The PAC
Performance Art Center Construction
Alaska. Anchorage. Roofers do thier part constructing the Performing Arts Center.

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