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photo of Youth Soccer Youth Soccer
Soccer Goalie
Washington. Bothell. Girl playing soccer. MR
photo of Couple In Sports Car Couple In Sports Car
Dating in a convertible
Novastock. Freedom of the road. driving with a friend in a convertible. sports car, fast, motion,...
photo of Hands Steering A Convertible Hands Steering A Convertible
Driving a convertible
Novastock. Driving with the top down in a new convertible. Freedom of the Road. fast, sports car,
photo of Man In Sports Car Man In Sports Car
View from a Sports Car
Novastock. Freedom of the road. Driving with the top down in a new model convertible sports car....
photo of Salvelinus Namaycush Salvelinus Namaycush
Lake Trout
Alaska. Fisherman with a lake trout Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush. MR.
photo of Gold Dust In Pan Gold Dust In Pan
Gold Panning
Alaska. Seward Peninsula. Nome. Gold mined today in Nome fills the pan.
photo of Northern Pike Northern Pike
Esox lucius linnaeus
Alaska. Fisherman holding his catch of Northern Pike (Esox lucius linnaeus) fish.
photo of Salvelinus Alpinus Linnaeus Salvelinus Alpinus Linnaeus
arctic char
Alaska. Arctic char (Salvelinus malma), spawning male.
photo of Close Up Of Arctic Greyling Close Up Of Arctic Greyling
Close up of Arctic Greyling
Alaska. Arctic grayling (Thymalius arcticus), big dorsal fin.
photo of Placer Mining Placer Mining
Gold Panning for Nuggets
Alaska. A pan of gold nuggets.
photo of Gold Nuggets With A Dime Gold Nuggets With A Dime
Dime and Gold Nuggest
Alaska. Gold nuggets, shown in reference to a dime for size.
photo of Nugget Nugget
Nugget of Gold
Alaska. Gold nuggets in pan with hand.
photo of Dipnetting For Red Salmon Dipnetting For Red Salmon
Red Salmon Dipnetter
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Kenai River. Dipnetter with red salmon. MR.

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