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photo of Heli Skiing Chilkat Range Snowboarder Southeast Alaska Heli Skiing Chilkat Range Snowboarder Southeast Alaska
Alaska heli skiing is some of the best in the world and a snowboarder plows through the powder on the steep mountain known as the Chilkat Range in Southeast Alaska in the USA.
A helicopter hovers in the air while a snowboarder takes to the steep slopes of the Chilkat Range...
photo of Heli Skiing Vacation Alaska Heli Skiing Vacation Alaska
A great vacation with a group of friends is Heli Skiing in the Chugach Range in Alaska.
Alaska. Southcentral. Chugach Range. Chugach Powder Guides provide helicopter travel to extreme...
photo of Valdez Heliskiers Valdez Heliskiers
Heliskiing in Valdez
Alaska. Valdez. Winter, Skiers at the Extreme Ski competition get dropped off by helicopter.
photo of Extreme Skiing Extreme Skiing
Extreme Skiing Competition
Alaska. Chugach Mts. Valdez. Winter, A skier attemps extreme slopes during the World Extreme Ski...

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