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photo of North Slope Traffic North Slope Traffic
Lonely Truck in the Arctic
Alaska. Dalton Highway. Arctic winter. Trans Alaska Pipeline snakes across the tundra next to a...
photo of North Slope Truck North Slope Truck
Prudhoe Bay Trucker
Alaska. Dalton Hwy. Winter trucking. Arctic winter. Brooks Range towers behind a truck hauling...
photo of Icy Winter Pipeline Icy Winter Pipeline
Trans Alaska Pipeline was built close to Brooks Range
Alaska. Brooks Range. Sunlight reflects off ice on the Haul Road and the Trans-Alaska pipeline.
photo of Blowing Snow Blowing Snow
Snow Drift Moving
Alaska. Drifted and blowing snow.
photo of Dalton Hwy Dalton Hwy
Curves on Dalton Highway
Alaska. The Dalton Highway snakes over Chandalar Shelf , where it crosses the Brooks Range,...
photo of Truck On Dalton Highway Truck On Dalton Highway
Trucker Dalton Highway
Alaska. A truck heads down the Dalton Highway, along the Trans-Alaska pipeline and into the Brooks...
photo of Truck Camper Dalton Highway Truck Camper Dalton Highway
Camper on Dalton Highway Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline
Alaska. Dalton Highway. Tourist driving through Brooks Range with Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline mid...
photo of Truck In Blizzard Truck In Blizzard
Truck in Blizzard on Dalton Highway
Alaska. Truck driver transporting oil drilling supplies on Dalton Highway to the North Slope oil...
photo of Dalton Highway Summer Dalton Highway Summer
Truck on Dalton Highway summer
Alaska. A truck heads down the Dalton Highway, along the Trans-Alaska pipeline across Chandalar...
photo of Truck And Trans Alaska Pipeline Truck And Trans Alaska Pipeline
Truck and Trans Alaska Pipeline summer
Alaska. A truck passes through Atigun Canyon, hauling freight to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields, north...
photo of Truck Prudhoe Bay Truck Prudhoe Bay
Truck heads for Prudhoe Bay
Alaska. The Brooks Range rises behind a truck hauling pipe up the Dalton Highway through minus 50...
photo of Truck In Prudhoe Bay Blizzard Truck In Prudhoe Bay Blizzard
Truck in Prudhoe Bay blizzard
Alaska. Transporting oil drilling supplies north to the North Slope oil fields.
photo of Gallbraith Lake Gallbraith Lake
Brooks Range Lake
Alaska. Dalton Highway. Brooks Range above Galbraith Lake.

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