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photo of Check Writing Photo Check Writing Photo
Paying Bills
Novastock. Business man writes out a check. Finances, money, bills, payment, corporate
photo of Getting Engaged Getting Engaged
Engagement Ring and hands
Novastock. Love and romance can be identified placing a ring on a woman's finger. marriage,...
photo of Palms Up Palms Up
Light in the palm of your hand
Novastock. A ball of light suspended in the stars above the human touch. soul, spirit, health, new...
photo of Couple In Sports Car Couple In Sports Car
Dating in a convertible
Novastock. Freedom of the road. driving with a friend in a convertible. sports car, fast, motion,...
photo of Grizzly Waves Hello Grizzly Waves Hello
Brown Bear High Five
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) standing up.
photo of Berry Picking Berry Picking
Alaska Berry Picking
USA, Alaska, People. Fall blueberry, blueberries, picking, September. Glenn Highway, East of...
photo of Hands Steering A Convertible Hands Steering A Convertible
Driving a convertible
Novastock. Driving with the top down in a new convertible. Freedom of the Road. fast, sports car,
photo of Grizzly On Hind Legs Grizzly On Hind Legs
Playful Grizzly Bear
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) standing up.
photo of Brown Bear Praying Brown Bear Praying
Religious grizzly bear says its prayers
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) standing up.
photo of Gold Dust Gold Dust
Gold Panning in Alaska
Alaska. Fairbanks. 20 ounces of gold dust in a gold pan.
photo of Man In Sports Car Man In Sports Car
View from a Sports Car
Novastock. Freedom of the road. Driving with the top down in a new model convertible sports car....
photo of Huge Claws On A Brown Bear Huge Claws On A Brown Bear
High Five from a Grizzly Bear
Washington. Brown Bear captive.
photo of Gold Dust In Pan Gold Dust In Pan
Gold Panning
Alaska. Seward Peninsula. Nome. Gold mined today in Nome fills the pan.
photo of Gold Nugget Gold Nugget
Nugget of gold in gold pan
Alaska. Fairbanks. Gold dredge #8 and gold nugget in pan.
photo of Saving Oily Bird Saving Oily Bird
Volunteers wash an oiled sea bird
Alaska. Valdez. Water-pik, dishpan, and volunteers try to save the oil coated birds following the...
photo of Masked Shrew Masked Shrew
Sorex cinereus
Alaska. Masked Shrew in Alaska Range. ( Sorex cinereus)
photo of Salvelinus Alpinus Linnaeus Salvelinus Alpinus Linnaeus
arctic char
Alaska. Arctic char (Salvelinus malma), spawning male.
photo of Close Up Of Arctic Greyling Close Up Of Arctic Greyling
Close up of Arctic Greyling
Alaska. Arctic grayling (Thymalius arcticus), big dorsal fin.
photo of Placer Mining Placer Mining
Gold Panning for Nuggets
Alaska. A pan of gold nuggets.
photo of Nineteen Ounce Gold Nugget Nineteen Ounce Gold Nugget
Eldorado Gold Nugget
Alaska. Fairbanks. A nineteen ounce gold nugget worth $25,000 at El Dorado goldmine.
photo of Gold Nuggets With A Dime Gold Nuggets With A Dime
Dime and Gold Nuggest
Alaska. Gold nuggets, shown in reference to a dime for size.
photo of Nugget Nugget
Nugget of Gold
Alaska. Gold nuggets in pan with hand.
photo of Autumn Beaver Under Tree Autumn Beaver Under Tree
Beaver in Autumn
Alaska. Beaver (Castor canadensis) feeding in autumn.

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