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photo of Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands
At the Beardslee Islands, the hands of a camper display juicy red nagoonberries.
Hand-picked red nagoonberries by a camper in the Beardslee Islands.

Alaska. Glacier Bay...

photo of Young Couple Keys To Home Young Couple Keys To Home
The young happy couple receives the key to their new home.
A young man and woman are smiling as she receives the key to their new home. Beautiful young...
photo of Checking The Time Checking The Time
Keeping track of the time
Novastock. Business man checks his watch in anticipation of his appointment. time, hurry, late,...
photo of Icy Conditions Icy Conditions
Crab Fishing in Icy Conditions
Alaska. Commercial fishing in winter. Crab boat prepares harvest its pots full of crab in icy...
photo of Hand Shake Hand Shake
Sealing the Deal
Novastock. Teamwork and sealing the deal with a handshake. Business in the modern era. hand, trust,...
photo of Pollack Fishing Net Pollack Fishing Net
Commercial Pollack Fishing
Alaska. Commercial fishing boat. Crew members opening a zipper in the net full of Pollock on the...
photo of Harvesting Crab Harvesting Crab
Crab harvesters on Rough Sea
Alaska. Faresa laulualo throws the line overboard as a pot is launched off the Bountiful...
photo of Biking Fast Biking Fast
Bike race in Alaska
Alaska. Mountain biker speeding down trail.
photo of Feeding The Fox Feeding The Fox
Red Fox smelling photographers hand
Alaska. Hallo Bay, Katmai NP. Red fox (vulpes vulpes) sniffing hiuman, hand, unafraid of man,
photo of Kodiak Trawler Pollack Fishing Kodiak Trawler Pollack Fishing
Pollack Trawler
Alaska. Kodiak. Commercial fishing crew member on the Dawn Trawler sews up the zippers of a net...
photo of Storm Conditions In Bering Storm Conditions In Bering
Bering Sea and Winter Weather
Alaska. Commercial fishing in winter. Crab Fishermen emptying a pot in stormy conditions.
photo of Crab Fishing Crab Fishing
Dangerous work on a commercial crab boat
Alaska. Crew members bring a pot of crab on board the Pacific Wind catcher-processor.
photo of Billikin Crab Fishing Vessel Billikin Crab Fishing Vessel
Billikin Crabbing Boat
Alaska. Commercial fishing. Deck crew members bring a crab pot on board the Billikin catcher boat...
photo of At Work On Crab Boat At Work On Crab Boat
Deck Hand on Crab Fishing Boat
Alaska. Bering Sea. Deckhands scamper across icy crab pots in winter storm during the Opelio crab...
photo of Crab Boat Captain Crab Boat Captain
Exhausted Commercial Crab Fishing Boat Captain
Alaska. Bering Sea. Commercial fishing boat captain Jeff Weeks watches a crab pot come on board...
photo of Bering Sea Opilio Crab Bering Sea Opilio Crab
Crab Fishing in Bering Sea
Alaska. Commercial fishing. Bering Sea. Fisherman endure rough seas and cold weather during opilio...
photo of Subsistence Crab Fishing Subsistence Crab Fishing
King Crab Subsistence Fishing
Alaska. Southeast, Subsistence fishing. Man pulling a king crab pot .harvest.
photo of Beaver Portrait Beaver Portrait
Beaver Portrait Closeup
Alaska. Beaver (Castor canadensis), feeding in autumn.
photo of Placer Mining Placer Mining
Gold Panning for Nuggets
Alaska. A pan of gold nuggets.
photo of Gold Nuggets With A Dime Gold Nuggets With A Dime
Dime and Gold Nuggest
Alaska. Gold nuggets, shown in reference to a dime for size.
photo of Nugget Nugget
Nugget of Gold
Alaska. Gold nuggets in pan with hand.
photo of One Eyed Wood Frog One Eyed Wood Frog
Rana sylvatica
Alaska. One-eyed Wood frog (Rana sylvatica).

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