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photo of Wildlife Moose In Winter Wildlife Moose In Winter
Moose feeding on grasses in the Snow
Alaska. Anchorage. Bull moose (alces alces) foraging through the snow.
photo of Ice Droplets Ice Droplets
Ice droplets.
Alaska. Anchorage. Melting icicles.
photo of Blooming Veratrum Viride Blooming Veratrum Viride
Photo of tall flowering stalks of a very poisonous plant
Alaska. Anchorage. Backlit False Hellebore flowers (Veratrum viride).
photo of Cabin Icicles Cabin Icicles
Icicles hanging from Cabin
Alaska. Anchorage. Icicles hanging off Potter Section House.
photo of Port Of Anchorage Port Of Anchorage
Port of Anchorage in winter
Alaska. Anchorage. Port of Anchorage.

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