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photo of Bonfire Camping Bonfire Camping
Man Relaxes Around a Fire
Alaska. Glenallen. A bon fire lights and warms a camper enjoying his dinner.
photo of Forest Fire In Alaska Forest Fire In Alaska
Aerial photo of forest on fire
Alaska. Big Lake. Aerial view of flames during the Miller's Reach fire.
photo of Fire Fighters Fire Fighters
Smoke jumpers take a break from fighting a wild fire
Alaska. Big Lake. Firefighters at the Miller's Reach fire.
photo of House On Fire House On Fire
Burning down the house
Alaska. Anchorage. Firefighters use a controlled fire to destroy a building on Lake Otis Parkway.
photo of Forest Fire Forest Fire
Spruce Forest Burning
Alaska. Wildfire of Interior boreal forest Black Spruce (picea mariana) trees burning.

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