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photo of Snow Shadows On Tree Snow Shadows On Tree
Tree covered in snow design
Alaska. Silhouette of snow in a birch tree.
photo of Dew Covered Web Dew Covered Web
Photo of Spider web in Morning dew on a pruce branch
Washington. Skagit County. Frosted spider web design.
photo of Grandmother Tree Grandmother Tree
Seymour Canal Grandmother Tree
Alaska. Southeast. Admiralty Island NM. "Grandmother tree" Seymour Canal.
photo of Raindrops Captured On Web Raindrops Captured On Web
Web filled with raindrops
Alaska. Rain on spider web.
photo of Colorful Fall Leaves Against Green Colorful Fall Leaves Against Green
Colorful leaves stand out against green moss
Alaska. Currant leaves among sphagnum moss.
photo of Alnus Viridis Alders In Spring Alnus Viridis Alders In Spring
Photo of new spring growth in Alaska wood lands
Alaska. Falls Creek. New thin-leaf alder leaves ()
photo of Salix Salix
Photo of Spring growth on Alder shrubs in Alaska
Alaska. New leaves and catkins on an alder tree.
photo of Knik River Valley Knik River Valley
Knik River Valley Hoar Frost
Alaska. Knik River Valley. Hoar frost clings to dormant trees while lasting sunlight illuminates...
photo of Birch Tree Rainbow Birch Tree Rainbow
Rainbow in Birch Forest
Alaska. Rainbow and Birch (Betula papyrifera) trees.
photo of Rainbow And Forest Rainbow And Forest
Forest with Rainbow
Alaska. Rainbow over sunset trees.
photo of Araneus Marmoreus Araneus Marmoreus
orb weaver spider
Alaska. Spider web with morning dew, orb weaver spider.
photo of Dendroctonus Rufipennis Dendroctonus Rufipennis
spruce bark beetle
Alaska. Entrance holes where spruce bark beetle have entered tree to feed.
photo of Spruce Bark Beetle Spruce Bark Beetle
Dendroctonus rufipennis
Alaska. Spruce bark beetle.
photo of Web Of Deception Web Of Deception
Mosquito Caught in a Web
Alaska. Eklutna Flats. Mosquito caught in web with spider coming to devour.

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