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photo of Dolly Varden Fishing Dolly Varden Fishing
Becharof National Wildlife Refuge Fishing
Alaska Peninsula. Becharof Nat. Wildlife Refuge. Mark Babicky releasing a Dolly Varden, Bear Creek.
photo of Off Shore Oil Rig Off Shore Oil Rig
OIl production platform in Cook Inlet summer
Alaska. Cook Inlet. The Dolly Varden oil production platform.
photo of Oil Rig With Crew Boats Oil Rig With Crew Boats
Oil production platform and supoort ships Alaska
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Dolly Varden off shore oil rig. Oil drilling platform at night with work boats.
photo of Dolly Varden Gas Flare Dolly Varden Gas Flare
Controversial practice of burning excess gas at Oil platform
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Gas flare illuminates the Dolly Varden gas production platform oil rig at night.

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