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photo of Paper Mache Fruits And Vegetables Paper Mache Fruits And Vegetables
A display shows colorful fruits and vegetables made of paper mache.
Paper mache of fruits and vegetables are a colorful display of hand made crafts. Mexico,...
photo of Native Women In Parka Native Women In Parka

Alaska, Fairbanks. native women teach traditional crafts
photo of Celebration In Anchorage Celebration In Anchorage
Winter Carnival In Anchorage
Alaska. Anchorage. Fireworks light the city in a New Year's celebration.
photo of Mushing Merchandise Mushing Merchandise
Dog Harness For sale
Alaska. Dog mushing. Harnesses and gear.
photo of Fur Rondy Fur Rondy
Fur Rondy Fireworks
Alaska. Anchorage. Fireworks light up the night sky during the annual Fur Rendezvous celebration.

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