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photo of Steam Cleaning Beach Steam Cleaning Beach
Steam cleaning oil residue off of Prince William Sound Beach
Alaska. Exxon Valdez oil spill, Snug Harbor. Steam cleaning flushes oil that has percolated into...
photo of Oil Spill Oil Spill
Aerial photo of Exxon Valdez oil coating Alaska beach
Alaska. Exxon Valdez oil spill. Prince William Sound. Rocky point. Crude oil in the sea is...
photo of Oil Sheen Oil Sheen
Oil Sheen spreading on Prince William Sound
Alaska. Rocky point. Crude oil pollutes the environment.
photo of Kenai Fjords Loon Kenai Fjords Loon
Oil Covered Loon in the Kenai Fjords
Alaska. Kenai Fjords. A slow horrible death for this loon.
photo of Bioremediation Project Bioremediation Project
Oil spill Bioremediation clean up of oiled beach
Alaska. Workers outfitted in safety attire spray benign nutrients for Bioremediation Project on the...
photo of Oil Sludge Oil Sludge
Sludge oil spilled on ocean front
Alaska. Living a bad dream- the oil spill is a mobile killer of animals and habitat.
photo of Saving Oily Bird Saving Oily Bird
Volunteers wash an oiled sea bird
Alaska. Valdez. Water-pik, dishpan, and volunteers try to save the oil coated birds following the...
photo of Dirty Car Window Dirty Car Window
dirty car window Dalton Hwy
Alaska. Mud covers the back window of car on the 414 mile Dalton Highway that leads to Deadhorse...

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