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photo of Snow Plough Clears Storm Snow Plough Clears Storm
Grader clears highway after heavy snow fall
Alaska. Thompson Pass. Valdez. Richardson Highway maintenance workers clear the road of winter snow...
photo of Frozen Arctic Tundra Frozen Arctic Tundra
Aerial photo of frozen kettle ponds in the Northern Arctic
Alaska. Northwest arctic tundra on the Baldwin Peninsula.
photo of Frozen Ice Bubbles Frozen Ice Bubbles
Ice Bubbles in Frozen Water
Alaska. Air bubbles trapped in frozen pond.
photo of Snow Storm Snow Storm
Snow Storm covers Car
Alaska. Car covered in typical winter snow fall in the town of Valdez.
photo of Snow Car Snow Car
Car Buried in Snow
Alaska. Suburban truck car buried in deep snow fall during winter storm in Valdez.
photo of Underwater Coral Underwater Coral
Orange cup coral
Alaska. Southeast. Orange cup coral (Balanophyllia elegans).
photo of Stinge Tentacles Stinge Tentacles
Sea anemone
Alaska. Sea anemone.
photo of Entacmaea Qudricolor Entacmaea Qudricolor
Rose Anemone
Alaska. Southeast. Rose anemone.
photo of Anthropleura Xanthogrammica Anthropleura Xanthogrammica
Giant Green Anemone
Alaska. Giant Green Anemone (Anthropleura xanthogrammica).
photo of Aurelia Aurita Aurelia Aurita
Moon Jellyfish
Alaska. Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita).

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