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photo of Sandhill Cranes Fly During Fall Migration Sandhill Cranes Fly During Fall Migration
During fall migration shows a flock of Sandhill cranes flying through the Matanuska Valley.
During the fall migration in the Matanuska Valley is a flock of Sandhill cranes.


photo of Sandhill Cranes In Foggy Alaska Sandhill Cranes In Foggy Alaska
Flock of Sandhill Cranes walk in the shallow waters and along an open field in the fog in Alaska.
A large flock of Sandhill Cranes walk along the fields and into the shallow waters in...
photo of Sandhill Cranes Sandhill Cranes

Alaska. Sandhill cranes (Grus canadensis) flying during spring migration through the Matanuska...
photo of Night Crane Night Crane
Full Moon crashes into a Crane
Novastock. Construction and the moon. crane, build, night, silhouette
photo of Crane Crane
Novastock. Cranes of construction. crane, sunset, silhouette, build
photo of Concrete Workers Concrete Workers
Silhouette of Construction Site
Alaska. Cement pour late in construction season.
photo of Mountain Top Construction Mountain Top Construction
Construction at Tram Terminal Alyeska Resort
Alaska. Girdwood. Construction on the restaurant complex and tram terminal at the Alyeska Prince...
photo of Construction Worker Construction Worker
Man building highrise
Alaska. Anchorage. Steel workers help a crane with bucket of concrete for construction of a...
photo of Oil Field Worker Oil Field Worker
Metal worker positions a steel pipe
Alaska. Cook Inlet. Worker lowers a pipe on the oil platform.
photo of Commercial Construction Commercial Construction
Building a high rise at sunset
Alaska. Cranes used in construction of highrise buildings at sunset.
photo of Anchorage Dockyard Anchorage Dockyard
Sunset illuminates cranes at Port of Anchorage
Alaska. Anchorage. Sunset over ship port.
photo of Port Of Anchorage Port Of Anchorage
Port of Anchorage in winter
Alaska. Anchorage. Port of Anchorage.

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