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photo of Cottonwood Blossom Anchorage Alaska Cottonwood Blossom Anchorage Alaska
Catkins of the Cottonwood Blossoms blooming near Anchorage during spring in Alaska.
Bright red blossom catkins of a Cottonwood (Populus balsamifera), also known as Balsam Poplar, near...
photo of Bear In Cottonwood Tree Bear In Cottonwood Tree
Climbing Bear
Alaska. Katmai National Park. Grizzly Bear (Ursus horribilis) cub seeks safety by climbing a...
photo of Itchy Bears Itchy Bears
Bears scratching tree
Alaska. Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) sow and cub scratching cottonwood tree.
photo of Hope Hope
Sea Breeze Cafe
Alaska. Hope. Sea Breeze cafe and store buildings in historic town, Chugach Mts in distance.
photo of Keppler Bradley Lakes Keppler Bradley Lakes
Keppler Bradley lakes in fall
Alaska. Fall color on Cottonwood and Aspen trees in the Keppler/Bradley lake system near Palmer.
photo of Branches Branches
Branches at Sunset
Alaska. Turnagain Arm near Anchorage. Branches silhouetted by sunset.
photo of Turnagain Arm Tree Turnagain Arm Tree
Tree Turning on Turnagain Arm
Alaska. Cottonwood (Populus balsamifera)ahead of the pack.
photo of Cottonwood Blanket Cottonwood Blanket
Snow Blanket in Winter
Alaska. Fresh snow blankets delicate branches of a Cottonwood (Populus balsamifera) tree.
photo of River Flowing In Spring River Flowing In Spring
Spring River
Alaska. The rich green of early spring leaves near the water edge of a mountain stream with rapids,...
photo of Flowing River Flowing River
River Flowing in Spring
Alaska. The rich green of early spring leaves near the water edge.
photo of No Shooting Sign No Shooting Sign
no shooting sign
Alaska. No shooting sign with bullet holes.
photo of Frozen Tree Frozen Tree
Tree covered in Hoar Frost
Alaska. Winter Cottonwood tree covered with hoar frost.
photo of Stand Out From Crowd Stand Out From Crowd
Standing out from crowd
Alaska. Turnagain Arm. Cottonwood;Populous Basamifera tree on a beautiful Fall day.

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