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photo of Lone Winter Spruce Lone Winter Spruce
Winter snow coats a single spruce
Alaska. Chugach National Forest. Winter scenic with Resurrection Peaks in background.
photo of Standing Tall Standing Tall
Getting ahead of the competition
Falkland Islands. King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus).
photo of False Hellebore False Hellebore
Graphic False Hellebore growth in Spring
Alaska. Kenai Mountains. False Hellebore shoot growning from dead, dry grass.
photo of Cracked Ice Cracked Ice
Network of fractures in river ice
Alaska. Ice patterns on Nenana River.
photo of Fractured Ice Fractured Ice
Cracked surface of ice
Alaska. Nenana River. Ice patterns, mid-winter.
photo of Glistening Ice Berg Glistening Ice Berg
Sunrise at a Glacier
Alaska. Southeast, Endicott Arm. Clear iceberg at sunrise.
photo of King Penguin Pair King Penguin Pair
South Georgia Island wildlife
South Georgia Island (British). Bay of Isles. Salisbury Plain. A pair of King penguins (Aptenodytes...
photo of Igloo Creek Cloudscape Igloo Creek Cloudscape
Igloo Creek Red Sunrise Cloudscape
Alaska. Igloo Creek. Sunrise on lenticular cloud.
photo of Radio Hill Radio Hill
Snow sculpted Trees
Alaska. Dalton Highway. Hoar frost covering spruce forest on Radio Hill.
photo of Artistic Traffic Artistic Traffic
Artistic traffic at rush hour
Washington. Seattle. Interstate 5 through downtown during rush hour traffic.
photo of Alaska Arctic Winter Alaska Arctic Winter
Winter on the Arctic Coastal Plain Alaska
Alaska. Winter North Slope arctic.
photo of Crystal Snow Crystal Snow
Snow Windowpane
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Ice Crystals Ice Crystals
Ice Crystals on Window
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Ice Window Ice Window
Icy Window Glass
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Icy Window Pane Icy Window Pane
Frozen glass
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Abstract Snow Design Abstract Snow Design
Abstract Snow
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Shards Of Ice Shards Of Ice
Sharp Shards of Snow
Alaska. Ice crystals on a frozen window.
photo of Rippling Mud Rippling Mud

Alaska. Cook Inlet. Turnagain Arm. Mud pattern in tidal flats.
photo of Snow Covered Trees Snow Covered Trees
Snow Covered Trees
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Cottonwood trees. Frosted forest on a clear winter day.
photo of Fractured Ice Patterns Fractured Ice Patterns
Cracked Ice Close Up
Alaska. Turnagain Arm. Close up of Fractured ice.
photo of Rock Climbing Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing at Chugach State Park
Alaska. Rock climber Chugach State Park, Seward Highway. MR.
photo of Tincan Mountain Tincan Mountain
Tincan Mountain Skier at Sunrise
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Turnagain Pass. Tin Can Mt. Backcountry skier crossing south face at...
photo of Snowy Winter Road Nobody Snowy Winter Road Nobody
deserted winter road
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Winter scenic along Funny River Road.
photo of Frozen Vehicles Frozen Vehicles
Frozen Vehicles Alaska extreme cold
Alaska. Frozen vehicles.
photo of Frozen Car Frozen Car
Extreme cold Frozen car
Alaska. Frozen vehicles.
photo of Frozen Truck Frozen Truck
North Slope Transportation
Alaska. North Slope, Frozen truck windows and antenna.
photo of Looking Down Towards Clouds Looking Down Towards Clouds
Aerial of Cloudscene
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Aerial of Kenai Lake and mist, looking south, winter.
photo of Aerial Of Ocean Aerial Of Ocean
Alaska. High altitude aerial of Gulf of Alaska and clouds, polarized.
photo of Kenai Peninsula Spruce Kenai Peninsula Spruce
Snow Spruce in Kenai Peninsula
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Cook Inlet and Spruce (Picea glauca) tree with storm approaching in winter.
photo of Winter Stream Winter Stream
Snowy stream in winter
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Stream side winter scene near Turnagain Pass.
photo of Windowpane Ice Windowpane Ice
Ice crystals on Window
Alaska. Ice crystals on windowpane.
photo of Spawning Red Salmon Spawning Red Salmon
Onchorynchus nerka
Alaska. Kenai. Spawning Red (sockeye) salmon (Onchorynchus nerka).
photo of Sea Lion Laughing Sea Lion Laughing
Laughing Sea Lion in Kenai Fjords
Alaska. Kenai Fjords National Park. Stellar Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubata).

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