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photo of Fairbanks Summer Recreation Fairbanks Summer Recreation
Canoeing in Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. Cushman Street Bridge with canoe beneath. Flags decorate the bridge,...
photo of Courthouse In Fairbanks Courthouse In Fairbanks
Modern Court house in Alaska
Alaska. Fairbanks. The Rabinowitz Courthouse.
photo of Frigid Fairbanks Frigid Fairbanks
Extreme Cold In Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. Interior winter, extreme cold, a pedestrian pauses in front of the welcome to...
photo of Branta Canadensis Branta Canadensis
Flying Geese in Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. Creamer's Field State Refuge. Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
photo of Man In Extreme Cold Man In Extreme Cold
Person in Extreme Cold
Alaska. Fairbanks. A hazard of living in Fairbanks and going out when the temperature is -42...
photo of Man With Icicle On Glasses Man With Icicle On Glasses
Frigid weather freezes Glasses
Alaska. Fairbanks. At -42 degrees F, icicles may grow on your glasses. (MR)
photo of Winter Thermometer Fairbanks Winter Thermometer Fairbanks
Thermometer reads 42 below in Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. The sun sets through ice fog behind the "Welcome to Fairbanks" thermometer,...
photo of Frigid Temperature Fairbanks Frigid Temperature Fairbanks
frigid winter temperature Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. The current thermometer showing temperature.
photo of Winter Temperature Fairbanks Winter Temperature Fairbanks
55 below in Fairbanks
Alaska. Fairbanks. An outside thermometer shows a staggering 55 degrees below zero, over an Alaska...
photo of Ice Fog And Winter Driving Ice Fog And Winter Driving
truck driving in Fairbanks at 48 below
Alaska. Fairbanks. A truck goes slowly through ice fog, past an outdoor thermometer registering 48...
photo of Winter Fairbanks Winter Fairbanks
Fairbanks in Winter
Alaska. Extreme cold weather during a Fairbanks winter. Sun Dog.
photo of Snow Drift Snow Drift
Drifting Snow
Alaska. Fairbanks. Airborn snow.
photo of Snow Plough Silhouette Snow Plough Silhouette
Snowplough silhouette
Alaska. Interior. Snow plough removes snow at Fairbanks International Airport.

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