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photo of Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands Red Nagoonberries At Beardslee Islands
At the Beardslee Islands, the hands of a camper display juicy red nagoonberries.
Hand-picked red nagoonberries by a camper in the Beardslee Islands.

Alaska. Glacier Bay...

photo of Three Harlequin Male Ducks Three Harlequin Male Ducks
These three handsome Harlequin male ducks swim in a tight straight line.
Beautifully and distinctly marked, three male Harlequin ducks swim together in a straight...
photo of Beardslee Islands Lupine Beardslee Islands Lupine
Patch of Lupine Flowers
Alaska. Glacier Bay NP. Beardslee Islands. Nootka lupine field (Lupinus nootkatensis).

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