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photo of Antique Photo Of Steamer Antique Photo Of Steamer
A black and white antique photo of a steamer passes through the ice on the river.
A steamer makes its way through muddy waters of the river in this antique black and white...
photo of 1951 Cadillac Automobile Nature 1951 Cadillac Automobile Nature
Standing next to a 1951 Cadillac automobile, a woman enjoys the Alaskan mountain view.
This 1951 Cadillac is a classic beauty. The automobile adds to the scenery of the Alaskan mountain...
photo of Path Less Travelled Path Less Travelled
Deserted path
Washington. Skagit County. Autumn pathway, trail leading to solitude.
photo of Rustic Fence Rustic Fence
Rustic and Mossy Fence Posts
Washington. Skagit County. Old weathered fence in autumn surrounded by crimson maple leaves.
photo of Placer Mining Placer Mining
Gold Panning for Nuggets
Alaska. A pan of gold nuggets.
photo of Gold Nuggets With A Dime Gold Nuggets With A Dime
Dime and Gold Nuggest
Alaska. Gold nuggets, shown in reference to a dime for size.
photo of Nugget Nugget
Nugget of Gold
Alaska. Gold nuggets in pan with hand.
photo of Nuggets In Gold Pan Nuggets In Gold Pan
Gold pan and nuggets
Alaska. Placer Gold nuggets in a gold pan. Close up.

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