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A collection of activity photos which show the diverse scenery of Alaska, and a variety of ways to explore the exquisite landscape of this great land - dubbed the Last Frontier.

Alaska is a prime region of scenic mountain ranges, abundant wildlife, pristine rivers and lakes which offer world class fishing, and beautiful coastal scenery.

Because of this abundance, Alaska is a popular tourist destination which offers a variety of activities whether it be in one of the many national parks or reserves or in it's far north arctic regions.

Cruising the coastal waters of Alaska is a popular way to experience a large range of activities as the cruise ships stop off at a variety of ports or take passengers on a voyage to get close up and personal with glaciers which calve into the sea. Flightseeing tours are also a common offering for shore excursions when cruising the Inside Passage.

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photo of Gorgeous Scenery Gorgeous Scenery
Man views gorgeous scenery in Alaska
Alaska. Portage. Viewing Portage Lake and glacier on summer day. Fireweed (epilobium angustifolium)...
photo of Chugach Powder Snowboarder Chugach Powder Snowboarder
Riding a snow board int he Chugach Range
Alaska. Southcentral. Girdwood. Chugach Range. Fresh powder snow on a sunny winter day with Jeremy...
photo of Northern Hawk Owl Bird Picture Northern Hawk Owl Bird Picture
A Northern Hawk Owl sits overlooking the forest in a Spruce tree in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) perched in spruce tree in Denali NP, Alaska, in September.
photo of Northern Lights Snow Machine Northern Lights Snow Machine
northern lights snow machine
Alaska. Petersville. Snowmchiner and Northern lights (aurora borealis). MR.
photo of Wave Surfing Coastal Shores Maui Hawaii Wave Surfing Coastal Shores Maui Hawaii
A man spends the day surfing on the water off the coastal shores of Maui, Hawaii where he gets tubed in a wave which has formed over him as he makes his way towards the shore.
Surfing is a common water activity off the coastal shores of Maui, Hawaii, but the beauty in this...
photo of Valdez Backcountry Skiing Chugach Mountains Valdez Backcountry Skiing Chugach Mountains
Valdez Alaska is a tourist destination for superb winter backcountry skiing in the Chugach Mountains.
Alaska. Valdez. Backcountry skiing in the Chugach Mountains provides fresh powder snow to those who...
photo of Ashtanga Yoga Glacier Scenery Prince William Sound Alaska Ashtanga Yoga Glacier Scenery Prince William Sound Alaska
A woman stretching before practicing Ashtanga yoga, is surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the mountainous landscape, Barry Glacier and Prince William Sound in Alaska, USA.
The tranquility, the fresh air and the scenery which surrounds the Harriman Fiord in Prince William...
photo of Recumbent Bicycle Recumbent Bicycle
Recumbant Bicycle Rider
Alaska. Kenai Peninsula. Seward Highway. Cyclist in the rain. MR.
photo of Warm Hut In A Snowy Scene Warm Hut In A Snowy Scene
Little house on a snowy mountain
Alaska. The Alaska Range. The mountain house on Ruth Glacier in the Don Sheldon Ampitheater.
photo of Swimmer In Pool Swimmer In Pool
Lap swimmer gets fit in swimming pool
Novastock. Woman swimming laps in a pool. Good exercise. Fitness, health,
photo of Duck Hunting Duck Hunting
Duck Hunting Still Life
Alaska. Southeast. Juneau. Hunting still life, shotgun and dead mallard, male, on grass.
photo of Downhill Skier Alyeska Resort Downhill Skier Alyeska Resort
A high Speed sport - downhill skiing has skier competitors in a tight tuck at the Alyeska Resort during the 2004 National Championships.
Tom Rothrock at the men's giant slalom, 2004 Chevrolet Alpine National Championships, Alyeska...
photo of Beaufort Sea Northern Lights Beaufort Sea Northern Lights
An extremely clear night over the the Beaufort Sea with a display of Northern Lights and bright moon light.
The moon shines down on the Arctic Ocean as curtains of green Aurora Borealis dance overhead, off...
photo of Couple Hiking Juneau Couple Hiking Juneau
Photo of couple on vacation in Alaska hiking near Juneau
Alaska. Juneau. Hikers enjoy vista from top of Mt Jumbo looking over town and tourships. MR.
photo of Snowboarder Jumping Snowboarder Jumping
Getting Air at Mt Alyeska
Alaska. Chugach Range. Snow boarder Jeremy Jones. MR
photo of Seward Sealife Center Sealion Seward Sealife Center Sealion
A woman interacts with a sealion at the Sealife Center in Seward.
Woman interacting with captive Steller Sea Lion at SeaLife Center, Seward Alaska. (MR)
photo of Portage Lake Summer Scenery Alaska USA Portage Lake Summer Scenery Alaska USA
A vacationer stands above Portage Lake in Portage, Alaska in the USA on a summer day enjoying the stunning scenery of the mountain range, lake and glacier as the fireweed blossoms across the landscape.
As a man wanders through the wilderness landscape in Portage, Alaska in the USA, he stops to admire...
photo of Picture Of A Harbor Seal Picture Of A Harbor Seal
A cute harbor seal lounges on a slab of ice in the Kenai Fiords National Park in Alaska.
A Harbor seal rests on small iceberg in front of the Northwestern Glacier in Kenai Fiords National...
photo of Devils Club Plant Leaves Devils Club Plant Leaves
New leaves sprout on a Devil's Club branch along McHuge Creek in Alaska.
New Devil's Club leaves in early june, McHugh Creek, Alaska. (Original - 35mm transparency.)
photo of Person Climbing Tree Person Climbing Tree
Silhouette of Man in Big Tree
Washington. Anacortes. Silhouetted tree at sunset with person climbing it.
photo of Fata Morgana Picture Fata Morgana Picture
Also known as an arctic mirage, Fata morgana is often seen over the coastal plains of the ANWR in Alaska.
Fata Morgana (arctic mirage) hovers over the coastal plain of ANWR and creates flat-topped...
photo of Heli Skiing Vacation Alaska Heli Skiing Vacation Alaska
A great vacation with a group of friends is Heli Skiing in the Chugach Range in Alaska.
Alaska. Southcentral. Chugach Range. Chugach Powder Guides provide helicopter travel to extreme...
photo of Snowcapped Mount McKinley Summit Picture Snowcapped Mount McKinley Summit Picture
A clear day reveals the windswept and snowcapped summit of the iconic Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Mount McKinley in September viewed from the southeast on a bright blue day (vertical). (Original -...
photo of Tent Camping Talkeetna Tent Camping Talkeetna
Granite Tors Camping
Alaska. Talkeetna Mts. Camping along Gold Mint trail.
photo of Mosquito Silhouette Mosquito Silhouette
Silhouette Photographer with Mosquitoes
Canada. Silhouette of photographer shooting in swarm of mosquitos at sunset. MR.
photo of Kenai Fjords Tour Boat Kenai Fjords Tour Boat
Glacier Cruise Tour Boat gets a good view of a calving glacier during a trip into the Kenai Fjords National Park.
Alaska. Seward. Kenai Fjords National Park. Holgate Glacier. Tour boat nears the calving glacier.
photo of Swimming Swimming

Alaska. Fairbanks. Three young girls hold hands as they wade into the Chena River. MR.
photo of Mountain Marathon Seward Mountain Marathon Seward
Crowds watch the finish of the Mountain Marathon in the town of Seward, Alaska.
Alaska. Seward. Spectators and people running in Mount Marathon race.
photo of Mountain Bike Trail Chugach National Forest Alaska Mountain Bike Trail Chugach National Forest Alaska
A mountain biker bikes along a scenic summer trail in the Chugach National Forest on Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
Mountain Biking on the Russian Lakes-Resurrection River Trail, Kenai Peninsula, Chugach National...
photo of Man And Winter Tundra Man And Winter Tundra
man and winter tundra
Alaska. North Slope. The endless snow tundra of the Arctic.
photo of Windsurfing Solo Windsurfing Solo
Windsurfing Turnagain Arm
Alaska. Turnagain Arm. Chugach SP. Windsurfers enjoy the arm, which has a 32 foot tide.
photo of Sea Kayaker Natural Beauty Of Alaska Sea Kayaker Natural Beauty Of Alaska
A lonely sea kayaker amongst the natural beauty of the Cascade Glacier and the Chugach Mountains in Prince William Sound in Alaska, USA.
The Cascade Glacier spans up the rock slopes of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, USA and calves...
photo of Female Mountaineer On Summit Female Mountaineer On Summit
Photo of excited woman mountain climber on the summit of Mt Brooks Alaska
Alaska. Denali NP. Peggy Ball at summit climing Mt Brooks (11,940').
photo of Spencer Glacier Snow Machine Spencer Glacier Snow Machine
Spencer Glacier snow machine
Alaska. Placer River Valley. Snowmachine on Spencer Glacier. MR
photo of Kenai Fjords Airplane Kenai Fjords Airplane
Kenai Fjords and Single Engine Plane
Alaska. Kenai Fjords National Park. A Cessna 180 flies over the park.
photo of Climber Overlooking Clouds Mount McKinley Climber Overlooking Clouds Mount McKinley
A climber on top of Mount McKinley in Denali National Park overlooking the clouds below him.
Alaska. Denali National Park. Summit of peak ( 8,620')
photo of Heli Skier Picture Heli Skier Picture
A confident skier on a heli ski trip leaps from a ridge and heads straight down the slopes.
Alaska. Southeast Alaska. Chilkat Range. Kent Krietler on a sunny winter day, skiing
photo of Backcountry Snowboarding Picture Backcountry Snowboarding Picture
Pure adrenalin is snowboarding in the backcountry of the Chilkat Range of Alaska.
Alaska. Southeast Alaska. Chilkat Range. Jeremy Jones on a sunny winter day, snowboarding.
photo of Jumping Snow Shoes Jumping Snow Shoes
Alaska winter sports include snow shoeing
Alaska. Denali State Park. Byers Lake. A snowshoe enthusiast leaps over a hidden stream on a winter...
photo of Boardwalk Bike Riding Chugach National Forest Alaska Boardwalk Bike Riding Chugach National Forest Alaska
A woman riding her bike along a forest boardwalk on the Trail of Blue Ice in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska, USA.
The boardwalk weaves in and out of the Chugach National Forest in Alaska, USA where people enjoy...
photo of Mountain Climbers Alaska Mountain Climbers Alaska
Photo of Mountaineers in a very precarious place Alaska
Alaska. Denali NP. Scott Sumpter and Todd Shenk ascend a 10,000' peak. MR.
photo of Mountain Camp Mt McKinley Mountain Camp Mt McKinley
Photo of Mountain climber camp site on Mt McKinley
Alaska. Denali NP. Muldrow Glacier. Scott Sumter and Todd Shenk camp below Denali. MR.

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... tours into Denali National Park show the great grizzly bears in their natural habitat existing side by side with caribou, Dall sheep, moose, and wolves. But Denali is not the only park, there's Glacier Bay and Kenai National Parks just to name a few but all have their own unique qualities which make them worth a visit.

Alaska is a fisherman's dream location with rivers and coastal water's teeming with a variety of fish such as five species of salmon, halibut, trout and arctic grayling.

Bald Eagles soar high in the sky over the coastal community of Homer a great place to visit during the spring to observe this massive but graceful birds of prey.

Hiking through the wildflowers of spring which blanket meadows, climbing the towering mountain peaks of Denali National Park, or traveling through the fall arctic colors of the north are all a must see while touring through Alaska. Whether canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, coastal cruising - whatever your choice of activity, you will not be disappointed.